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New World Furnishing Guide


The Furnishing Trade Skill in New World allows players to craft furniture for player housing. Trophies, chests, chairs, tables, drawers, and much more. We will discuss this and more in our New World Furnishing Guide.

Furnishing in New World

Trophies are a common item to place in your house since they give you a global buff of some kind (Limit 5 per house). Chests are also a common item to place in your house as they increase your storage shed size in the settlement you are in (Limit varies on house size). 

To get started with Furnishing you will need to gather resources. Once the resources have been obtained you will be using the Workshop (Arrow/Musket icon on map) to craft anything Furnishing. Walk up to the Workshop and press your default interact button, “E”, to open the crafting window.

furnishing station new world

Once your crafting window is open, select an item you wish to craft from the list on the left-hand side of the window. Once you’ve selected what you want it will display the resources required to craft the item in the middle. On the bottom right is your craft button, click it to craft the item you selected. If you wish to craft more than one item you can move the slider above the craft button; however, it will only show if you can craft more than 1 item with the resources you’ve gathered. 

TIP: When crafting, the game will automatically pull resources from the local storage shed to craft, so you don’t have to have all the materials on your character.

Experience gains from crafting an item can be found under the blue CRAFT button on the bottom left. The amount of experience gained will always be the same. There is no way to increase or decrease that value on a single craft. Everything in Furnishing will provide some kind of experience when crafted, however there are a few things that are better than others. 

All the crafting for Furnishing use static recipes. If you wish to craft something then you will need exact materials. There is no alternative resource that you may use in place of another resource. 

Furnishing also makes use of Schematics. Schematics are items that you salvage to learn how to craft a furnishing item. By leveling up Furnishing you will only learn about 25% of the recipes, the other 75% will require you to seek out the schematics if you wish to learn them all.

Leveling Furnishing

Information in this section contains a recommended method to level your Furnishing Trade Skill. You are in no way restricted to this method.

Don’t craft (Unless you need one, want one, or plan to sell it). All the furniture *stains, Wicker Basket, Old Straw Cot, Old Log Stool, Old Wooden Bunk Bed, Stone Mason Table, and the Hardworking Scrolled Desk. These listed items do not follow the standard experience formulas for their tier and will yield you less experience overall. 

TIP: Trophies are a great way to earn experience if people need them crafted. The first tier of trophies will show in your learned recipes list while the others are artifact crafts and will not be visible unless you have the right item. This means you can craft them as long as you have the right level! (It’s not efficient to level with only trophies due to the rare drops required to craft them)

Furniture Stains

Solvents have very little use outside of stains and it is very common for players to use them as a leveling method for Furnishing to remove excess solvent. While they are used for gems, it doesn’t matter what tier is used as it doesn’t change the yield chances for cutting/fusing gems. Additionally, stains’ experience yields are 1 tier below what they unlock, so it’s not a complete loss of experience if used. It’s common practice for players to utilize stains to level their furnishing to max. 

Stains are a very straightforward method of leveling. If you choose this route you will progress through the stain tiers as your furnishing level increases.

Levels 1 – 50

You will need a total of 16,840 experience to reach level 50.  

Option 1 – Rusty Iron Lanterns

The first recommendation for leveling this tier is to craft 113 Rusty Iron Lanterns for a total of 16,950 experience. The Rusty Iron Lantern requires 15x Iron Ingots, 5x Oil, and 5x Fiber to craft.  Total required materials:

  • 1,695x Iron Ingots
  • 565x Oil
  • 565x Fiber
rusty iron lantern new world

Option 2 – Round Sunny Rug

The other suggestion for leveling this tier is to craft 113 Round Sunny Rugs for a total of 16,950 experience, just like the lanterns. The Round Sunny Rug requires 15x Linen, 5x Crossweave, and 5x Fiber to craft. Total required materials:

  • 1,695x Linen
  • 565x Crossweave
  • 565x Fiber
round sunny rug new world

Between both Option 1 and 2 you can see that both of them are rather similar in requirements. Both only need 1 refined material in the craft; while the Round Sunny Rug does make use of a refining material item. Additionally with the rug, you will only need to gather fiber and you can purchase the reagent for a reasonable price.

Levels 51-100

This is where things start to get tricky due to the possibility of needing schematics to further level up furnishing effectively. You will need a total of 113,780 experience to reach level 100 from level 50.

Option 1 – Keep Crafting Rusty Iron Lanterns

The first suggestion for leveling this tier is to craft 759 Rusty Iron Lanterns at 150 experience each for a total of 113,850 experience. The Rusty Iron Lantern requires 15x Iron Ingots, 5x Oil, and 5x Fiber to craft.  Total required materials:

  • 11,385x Iron Ingots
  • 3,795x Oil
  • 3,795x Fiber

The rationale behind the lanterns is the value of Iron Ore. It is better at the Tier 2 crafting level than it is at the Tier 3 crafting level. This also saves you from spending any flux/refining material needed for Tier 3 refining. Additionally, you will not need to learn any schematics in order to complete this. 

Option 2 – Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed [Schematic Required]

The other suggestion for leveling Tier 3 Furnishing is to craft 97 Cherry Sheets Bunk Beds and 194 Maple Stain for 114,848 experience. You will need to learn the Schematic: Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed to learn this recipe. The Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed requires 35x Lumber, 10x Iron Ingots, and 2x Maple Stain and the Maple Stain requires 10x Weak Solvents and 4x Oil to craft and create 10 at a time. 
Total required materials:

  • 3,395x Lumber
  • 970x Iron
  • 194x Maple Stain
cherry sheets bunk bed

Levels 101-150

At this point, you will need certain schematics to further level up furnishing effectively. You will need a total of 768,980 experience to reach level 150.

Powder Horn [Schematic Required]

For leveling Tier 4 you will want to craft 191 Powder Horn for 770,112 experience. You will need to salvage the Schematic: Powder Horn to learn this recipe. The Powder Horn requires 1x Animal Horn, 15x Gunpowder, and 5x Beeswax. Total required materials:

  • 191x Animal Horn
  • 2,865x Gunpowder
  • 955x Beeswax

Beeswax can be the bottleneck for leveling here. You can opt to craft stains at this tier if you can not obtain beeswax easily or find it at a reasonable price.

TIP: Beeswax has a chance to be harvested from honey trees in place of honey. 

Levels 150-200

Here you will need specific schematics to further level up furnishing effectively. You will need a total of 4,792,340 experience to reach level 200 from 150.

Rusty Iron Candelabra [Schematic Required]

For leveling Tier 5 you will want to craft 143 Rusty Iron Candelabra for 4,804,800 experience. You will need to salvage the Schematic: Rusty Iron Candelabra to learn this recipe. The Rusty Iron Candelabra requires 15x Orichalcum Ingot, 5x Beeswax, and 1x Fire Mote. 
Total required materials:

  • 2,145x Orichalcum Ingot
  • 715x Beeswax
  • 143x Fire Mote

Rusty Iron Candelabra is the only Tier 5 craft that makes use of 1 refining material to up-craft a Tier 5 item. It is for this reason this craft is the most effective way to level Tier 5 crafting of Furnishing. It is also for this reason that many players are seeking out Beeswax to level up their Furnishing.

Enhancing Your Furnishing

Buffs and perks are the 2 main ways to enhance your Trade Skills, however, Furnishing is one that doesn’t have any. There are no perks or buffs that are for Furnishing, so you don’t have to seek out any gear or temporary buffs to increase this Trade Skill. 

Basic Trophies

Artifact itemCrafted Item
Ancient Texts Basic Arcana Crafting Trophy
Quartermaster’s Notes Basic Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Chef’s Secret Techniques Basic Cooking Crafting Trophy
Ancient Femur Basic Ancients Combat Trophy
BarkfleshBasic Angry Earth Combat Trophy
Pristine Wolf Claw Basic Wildlife Combat Trophy
Corrupted CrestBasic Corrupted Combat Trophy
Ectoplasmic EssenceBasic Lost Combat Trophy
Engineer’s Technique ManualsBasic Engineering Crafting Trophy
Journal of Aeternum FloraBasic Harvesting Gathering Trophy
Lumberjack’s TokenBasic Logging Gathering Trophy
Stacked DeckBasic Loot Luck Trophy
Surveyor’s Tools Basic Mining Gathering Trophy
Armorer’s JournalBasic Armoring Crafting Trophy
Notes on Aeternum FaunaBasic Skinning Gathering Trophy
Taxidermied Blue-blooded BarbBasic Fishing Gathering Trophy

Major Trophies

Artifact itemCrafted Item
Philosopher’s StoneMajor Arcana Crafting Trophy
Forgemaster’s Notes Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Chef’s Secret CookbookMajor Cooking Crafting Trophy
Ancient MandibleMajor Ancients Combat Trophy
Glowing SapMajor Angry Earth Combat Trophy
Pristine Bear ClawMajor Wildlife Combat Trophy
Corrupted TotemMajor Corrupted Combat Trophy
Ephemeral SealMajor Lost Combat Trophy
Precision Engineering ToolsMajor Engineering Crafting Trophy
Mercurial TokenMajor Harvesting Gathering Trophy
Pure ResinMajor Logging Gathering Trophy
Loaded DiceMajor Loot Luck Trophy
Adamantine DustMajor Mining Gathering Trophy
Precision Armoring ToolsMajor Armoring Crafting Trophy
Tracker’s SealMajor Skinning Gathering Trophy
Taxidermied Daemonaja Major Fishing Gathering Trophy

New World Furnishing Guide Conclusion

That concludes our New World Furnishing Guide! For the best way to find high Tier Trophy mats to use with your max level Furnishing, check out our Reekwater Luck Run!

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