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Last Updated: July 11, 2023 Reading Time: 6 min

New World Corrupted Breaches Guide


The Corrupted seek to devour Aeternum and it’s up to you and other adventures to fight them back.  Once you get access to the Azoth Staff you will have the ability to close Corrupted Breaches. If you do so, you’ll be rewarded with gold, experience, and faction tokens, as well as a Treasure Chest that scales off the level of the Corrupted Breach you closed. Closing breaches over level 60 have a chance to increase your Expertise and reward you with Gypsum. In our Corrupted Breaches guide, we’ll tackle how to complete each type of Corrupted Breach.

You will need the following Tier of Azoth Staff to close the corresponding level of Breach. 

  • Tier 1 Azoth Staff to close Corruption Breaches up to Level 25.
  • Tier 2 Azoth Staff to close Corruption Breaches up to Level 35.
  • Tier 3 Azoth Staff to close Corruption Breaches up to Level 49. 
  • Tier 4 Azoth Staff to close Corruption Breaches up to level 59.
  • Tier 5 Azoth Staff to close Corruption Breaches level 60 and higher. 

When closing a breach you will be fighting elite mobs at the breaches level, so for example, at a level 25 portal you will be fighting level 25 Elite corrupted mobs. You will not gain player experience or weapon experience for the individual mob that’s killed, however, you will gain both weapon and player experience upon successfully closing the breach. 

There are two different types of corrupted breaches, minor and major. Minor portals can be done solo or in a group, and major portals are intended for group play. Completing breaches will reward you will various rewards including gold, a corrupted breach cache, specific crafting material, and amethyst gypsum. The gypsum is only rewarded for completing higher level breaches.

Each day players can obtain a maximum of 2 lost sack of coins by completing either corrupted breaches or looting elite chests. Minor breaches have a 10% chance of dropping a lost sack of coin upon completion and major breaches have a 100% chance of dropping a lost sack of coin upon completion.


Armor and weapons dropped from corrupted events are guaranteed to always roll 1 family bane or ward perk when dropped. All of the gear dropped has the corrupted breach appearance.

Breaches can also drop elite items for players. These items have an increased chance to roll perks compared to the standard items. The elite items can also be upgraded to legendary using umbral shards.

Corrupted breaches also have a chance to drop family bane / ward perk crafting mods.

Named Corrupted Breach Items

Below is a chart of the named items that can be acquired from corrupted events. These can be acquired from major breach caches level 60+.

Item NameType
Glacial RageIce Gauntlet
Moonless NightSword
Malthazar’s Lost HatchetHatchet
PortalsmasherWar Hammer
Ferocity of the ImpalerBow
Soulwarden’s Life StaffLife Staff
Flames of the BreachFire Staff
Breach Bloodied RifleMusket
Dark of NightGreat Axe
When They ComeRapier
Frostbitten MittIce Gauntlet
Heaven’s RiftVoid Gauntlet
Paladin’s Holy SwordGreat Sword

Corrupted Monolith

The main objective in completing the Corrupted Monolith Breach is to break the carapace at the base of the monolith and then close the Azoth Staff objective. It’s important to tag the carapace if you’re in a group so that you will get credit for completing the breach.  As you are trying to break the carapace there will be several Corrupted mobs that spawn throughout the breach that will try to prevent you from closing it.  You will have to kill any enemies near the carapace and will have to continue clearing the mobs to close the objective to finish the Corrupted Monolith. 

Corrupted Monolith
Image of a Corrupted Monolith in New World

Corrupted Portal

Upon approaching a corrupted portal you will have to defeat 2 Corrupted Cultists standing on either side of the portal. Once they are defeated there will be multiple waves of corrupted creatures that spawn.  After several add waves , a final wave with a corrupted boss mob will spawn.  Defeat the boss, close the Azoth Staff objective, and you’ll close the corrupted portal. Make sure you tag the boss that spawns in order to receive credit for the portal. 

Corrupted Portal
Image of a Corrupted Portal, one of the Corrupted Breaches in New World

Corrupted Tentacle

The corrupted tentacle breaches contain a centralized corrupted tentacle pultruding from the ground. Rush in quickly before it starts attacking to deal a fatal blow to the tentacle as it can deal massive amounts of damage.  There will be other mobs around the tentacle that you will have to death with as well. Once the Tentacle is dead, the azoth staff objective will appear in place of the tentacle. There will also be a few more mobs that will spawn. You will have to defeat the mobs as you close the objective. Once you close the objective you will have defeated the corrupted tentacle breach. Make sure you tag the tentacle to get credit for the breach. 

Corrupted Tentacle
A Corrupted Tentacle Guarded by a Priest

Festering Hive

On the Festering Hive, you will find corrupted veils on each side that can be destroyed.  There will also be mobs outside of the hive that you will have to contend with as you try to destroy the veils. Once a veil is destroyed, you can enter the Hive. Once inside you will find a Corrupted Boss.  You will have to kill the boss, or lure it outside for your party to kill in order to be able to closet the azoth staff objective in the middle of the hive. There will also be adds that will occasionally spawn in as you are trying to close the objective. You may have to stop, kill the add, and then continue closing the objective. 

Festering Hive
New World Festering Hive

Major Corrupted Portal

The corrupted group portal, or major breach,  is very similar to the smaller or minor variant. The major breaches are increased difficulty versions of the minor breaches that will reward you with more experience and better loot.  Major corrupted portals require you to slay several large waves of corrupted in order to eventually face the corrupted boss. You will need to group together, fight the waves of corrupted enemies, kill the boss, and close the Azoth Staff objective to complete the breach. Make sure you tag the corrupted boss in order to receive credit for closing the breach. 

Group Corrupted Portal
A Group Corrupted Portal

Group Corrupted Monolith

The group version of the Corrupted Monolith is one of the most difficult to close. In this breach, there will be three corrupted pylons each with its own Azoth Staff objective. You will need to fight off the corruption surrounding each of the three objectives while someone closes the objective. Once each one is closed, a carapace will spawn in the middle of the Monolith. You will need to attach the carapace in order to break it and the last Azoth Staff objective will appear. Throughout this process, large amounts of Corrupted minions will spawn that will impede your progress. You will need to fight them off, and close the center carapace objective. 

The best way to complete this breach is to stay grouped and move in unison from pylon to pylon. Once each is closed move to the middle and fight of the add waves and the corrupted boss that spawn in.  Once down, close the Azoth objective to complete the Monolith. 

New World Corrupted Breaches Guide Conclusion

Corrupted Breaches a great way to gain guaranteed additional coin, gypsum, and other rewards each day. For more ways to gain Gypsum check out our Expertise Guide.

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