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New World Winter Convergence Festival


The New World Winter Convergence Festival is the winter seasonal event in New World. It occurs in December. This event is marked by the Northern Lights in the Sky (aka Aurora Borealis). This is a time of duality and dichotomy in Aeternum as the Yeti, the Winter Wanderer comes to the land. The settlements in Aeternum are now decorated for the holiday, and gifts are being exchanged within. However, outside of the safety of the settlements, a war rages between the positive forces of Winter championed by the Winter Wanderer’s positive side, and the negative forces of Winter championed by the Winter Wanderer’s negative side. 

You will be taking on the cause of the Winter Wanderer during the Winter Convergence event to collect Winter Tokens from repeatable events across Aeternum. You can then take these tokens and turn them into a Holiday Shop to receive rare and cosmetic items. Every time players turn in tokens the WInter Wanderer’s positive aspect grows. 

Winter Villages

In order to begin the event, you will need to make your way over to one of the Winter Villages set up in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluff, Weaver’s Fen, or Brightwood. You can see the locations of the Villages below

Each village also contains shops lining the outside of the village that you can use to exchange gifts for tokens. You can then take those tokens back to the Yeti and purchase items from the shop. 

Winter Warrior

The Winter Warrior is an Open World Raid boss tied to the Winter Convergence event. Defeating the Winter Warrior will grant you Warrior’s Hailspikes that you can exchange for 10 Winter Tokens. You will need a group of 20+ players to down the Winter Warrior.

Once you arrive at the Winter Warrior spawn, there will be four Ice pillars that you will need to activate with your azoth staff. You will need four people to do each pillar at the same time to start. Doing so will Free the Winter Warrior and begin the fight!

During the Fight there will be several additional mobs that spawn along with “Avalance” clumps. Players will need to clear both of these throughout the fight as they DPS the Winter Warrior down. Below are the rest of the Winter Warrior Mechanics:

  • Slam – Winter Warrior lunches forward and slams, dealing massive AOE damage
  • Charge – Winter Warrior will charge across the area dealing damage and knocking players down
  • Avalanche – Winter Warrior throws a chunk of snow at players, creating an Avalance clump.
  • Igniting Roar – Winter Warrior Growls, igniting the Avalanche balls around him into arcane bombs

Spawn Locations

Ice Caves

Along with the introduction of the Winter Convergence event also comes some new POIs called Ice Caves. These caves are appearing because of the Winter Warrior’s desire for a Forever Winter. They are snowy and icy caves where the yeti use their powers to freeze up and make snow fall. The rest of Aeternum will begin to look like ice caves if the onslaught of the Warrior isn’t stopped. The caves will remain behind after the event as scars on the land, sources of wintry magic that refuse to melt even with the Warrior’s eventual defeat by the player. 

Ice cave Locations

There are a total of 12 Ice Caves (You can view all the locations using our interactive map)

  • Western Edge of First Light near the border of Cutlass Keys
  • Southern Monarch’s Bluff
  • Eastern Windward
  • Southern Everfall
  • Southern Ebonscale Reach
  • Northern Brightwood
  • Southeast Great Cleave
  • North West Great Cleave
  • South Edengrove
  • North Edengrove
  • Western Mournindale
  • North Shattered Mountain

Winter Convergence Activities

There are 4 new activities to engage in during the Winter Convergence Event. Each of these events rewards the player with both winter tokens (or items to exchange for winter tokens), and event reputation. 

  • New Questline – 7 new quests for the Holiday event that range from level 15 to level 60. These quests will earn you quite a lot of event reputation.
  • The Convergence Spirit – A special town project that allows you to complete special town project quests to upgrade each settlement’s tree of light for improved daily rewards. 
  • Lost Present Recover – Lost presents are located throughout Aeternum. Find them and exchange them for winter tokens at the Winter Village Holiday Huts. There are also floating presents that can only be taken down with a ranged weapon. Upon shooting one down you will be rewarded the presents. Make sure you’re carrying a ranged weapon with you to be able to collect these. 
  • Gleamite – Gleamite showers are a random event that occur only at night throughout Aeternum. A rift will open in the sky and gleamite will fall down scattering on the ground. You will then have to mine the gleamite. You can then exchange the gleamite for winter tokens at the Winter village Holiday Hut. 

You can see the location of the presents and gleamite by checking our interactive map and using the special events filter. 

Winter Convergence Quest Progression

Once you begin the questline upon visiting the Winter villages you will be guided through a series of Holiday Quests. These Holiday quests reward player XP, Territory Standing, Azoth, Coin, and Event Reputation. 

As you complete the quests and perform other activities (more on that below) you will receive event reputation. This event reputation works much like faction reputation. As you earn reputation with the Winter Wanderer you will progress through the ranks of:

  • Reveler – 0 Reputation
  • Celebrant – 1,000 Reputation
  • Merrymaker – 2500 Reputation
  • Joybringer – 5000 Reputation
  • Holiday Regent – 9000 Reputation

As you progress through the ranks you will unlock the next tier in the holiday store (much like the faction store) that will allow you to purchase holiday event-specific food that will double the amount of gleamite crystals gathered from gleamite shards and chunks,  armor, and weapons from tier II up to tier V, Ice themed furniture, and armor and weapon patterns. 

Winter Tokens

Winter tokens are the currency of the Winter Convergence Festival and can be used to purchase items within the Winter Convergence Shop. In order to obtain winter tokens, you must engage in the Winter Activities that were listed above. 

Some of the activities, such as gathering a present or gleamite will reward you with items that can be exchanged for tokens. The exchange rate is as follows:

  • Winter Token – Presents: 3 Recovered Presents for 1 Winter Token
  • Winter Token – Gleamite: 10 Gleamite for 1 Winter Token
  • Premium Winter Token: Exchange 25 Winter Tokens to obtain a premium winter token
  • Winter Token X25: Exchange 1 premium Winter Token for 25 regular Winter Tokens
  • Winter Token X10 for 1 Warrior’s Hailspike

The best way to obtain winter tokens is to complete the quests from the Yeti, and grab the presents from the tree in each settlement. This will reward you with a larger gift that will give you several winter tokens. However, these can only be done once a day. 

You can, however, collect the presents as you are traveling Aeternum. They are in abundance and very easy to find. You will then have to exchange the presents for the tokens. 

The premium tokens are used to purchase the furniture, tier V gear, a give present emote, and a pet rabbit for your house. The remaining items cost regular Winter tokens. 

Winter Convergence Shop

Rank 1 – Reveler

You will be able to purchase the Holiday Food. This food will be important to your progression in the event, and you will want to have it active as you gather gleamite crystals because you will be able to obtain double the amount of gleamite crystals gained when gathering from gleamite shards and chunks. 

Rank 2 – Celebrant

At this rank, you will be able to purchase the event Instrument Skins and some winter themed housing items!

Rank 3 – Merrymaker

At this rank, you will be able to obtain a Snocapped Rabbit sculpture and level 40 Weapons that have a Winter Convergence Theme.

Rank 4 – Joybringer

At this rank, you will be able to purchase more housing items, the Give Present Emote, Winter Wanderer’s Cloak, and Timeless Shard Like patterns for weapons and Armor that give your items a Winter Convergence appearance.

Rank 5 – Holiday Regent

Holiday Regent is the final rank of the event. At this rank, you unlock the Yeti sculpture, House pet, More armor skins, 3 New Emotes, a Camp Skin, and Legendary Armor and Weapon patterns.

How to Earn Reputation

Obtaining reputation can be done by performing all the Winter Convergence activities. Quests will reward you with the most event reputation, however, quests alone will not be enough to give you enough reputation to reach rank 5. 

You will be able to reach rank 2 very easily after completing a couple of quests. You should be there around the time you complete the Joy Recaptured quest (the 3d quest in the questline). 

After completing that quest you’ll have 2 more you can complete before hitting a bottleneck and having to grind faction reputation via gathering presents, gleamite, town boards, and Tree of Light. 

The quest Wanderer Reborn will make you do the following:

Harvest Gleamite Chunks, recover lost presents, collect daily rewards from the Tree of Light and gift sack, and complete festive town projects to reach rank three of reputation with the Winter Wanderer and speak to the Winter Wanderer in the Winter Village. 

New World Winter Convergence Festival Rank 3 to Rank 5 progression

In order to complete this and reach rank 3, you’ll want to make sure you’re collecting all of the Tree of Light gifts from every settlement. These will reward you with a very large chunk of 150 event reputation for each one you loot. You will also receive a present that will have other goodies inside, including a lock box that will have some additional loot inside and some event tokens.  Each settlement’s tree of light can only be looted once a day. 

There are not any Trees of Light in the outposts in the end-game zones. They are only located in Settlements. 

After you have looted the trees of light for the day you’re then going to have to resort to grinding town board missions if available, finding the presents scattered around, and mining the gleamite. The gleamite only spawns at night and can be a bit tricky to find, but if you come across some make sure you mine it. You can use our map to find the locations

These activities do not reward a ton of event reputation, but there are a lot of presents scattered around so you’ll be able to pick up a ton of them just by roaming the map. Make sure you carry a ranged weapon of some sort with you because there are floating presents that spawn and you will have to shoot them out of the sky. 

Once you reach Event rank 3 you will then have the option to complete the final quest for the event. Bear in mind it’s a level 60 quest. You will then have to go back to grinding out the activities to max out your event reputation.

Diamond Gypsum

You can earn a Diamond Gypsum from the Winter Convergence event that will allow you to gain a guaranteed Expertise bump. You will need to collect 3 Diamond Gypsums to craft an Orb. During the Winter Convergence Festival, level 60 players can earn the Gypsum when interacting with their first 3 Trees of Light a day. 

New World Winter Convergence Festival Guide Conclusion

That does it for our New World Convergence Festival Guide. For more on other New World Seasonal Events, check out our Rabbit’s Revenge guide!

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