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Last Updated: October 16, 2023 Reading Time: 14 min

New World Consumables Guide


New World has a diverse selection of consumables to offer to its players, complimenting its in-depth crafting system. In this guide, we will showcase the types of consumables and their use in New World.


In New World, food is one way to obtain health and mana. Food can also provide a boost to your primary stat of choice. In addition, there are also trade skill foods that give you a boost to gathering and crafting. In New World, Food can be looted or crafted by the cooking profession. For an in-depth look at food and the cooking profession, you can check out our complete cooking guide.

Recovery Food

Recovery food grants health and mana recovery in New World. You can craft these at any tier kitchen or Camp. You can also consume recovery food to gain X amount of health or mana over X seconds. The recovery stops if you take damage. Recovery food effects can not be stacked. There are 2 different types of Recovery Foods in New World:

Health Recovery:

Mana Recovery:

    Attribute Food

    Attribute food is a type of food used to give the player additional attributes. For Instance, if a player is using Great Axe, they might want to use Roasted Gnufish to boost their damage. For example, here are all the tier 5 attribute foods in New World:

    Strength Food

    Dexterity Food:

    Intelligence Food:

    Focus Food:

    Constitution Food:

    Mitigation Food

    Trade Skill Food

    Trade Skill foods are used to enhance both crafting and gathering in New world. They can be crafted at a Kitchen of the appropriate Tier. There’s trade skill food for both the crafting and gathering professions. There is no trade skill food for Cooking or Fishing. There are no Trade skill foods are not available for any of the refining professions.

    Crafting foods

    When crafting food is consumed, your minimum and maximum gear score while crafting will increase. For example, consuming a Savory Vegetable Medley will increase your minimum and maximum gear score of weapons crafted by 15. The effects of the food will last 40 minutes. Therefore, these trade skill foods will be essential to end game crafting to craft maximum gear score items. Tier V Trade Skill food consists of the following:

    Gathering Goods

    The other variant of trade skill food consists of gathering foods. Gathering foods increase your luck for that specific gathering skill by a specified amount. This amount and time of the buff is based on the tier of food consumed.

    Therefore, Gathering foods are incredibly important in order to obtain rare resources that would otherwise be incredibly difficult, and sometimes impossible to obtain without the use of additional luck. The gathering foods consist of the following  (These are the tier V variants – to see all the tier variants available you can check our database):

    FoodSkillLuck IncreaseCooking Level
    Spicy Steak PieHarvesting2,000157
    Biscuits and GravyHarvesting2,500235
    Salted Poultry with CabbageLogging2,000159
    Bear Flank and CabbageLogging2,500235
    Salted Roasted VegetablesMining2,000156
    Crispy Chicken and PotatoesMining2,500235
    Savory Fish Cake Skinning2,000158
    Grilled Tenderloin and VegetablesSkinning2,500235


    New World has a massive variety of potions. These include classic varieties such as health, mana, and regeneration potions. There are also tinctures that will remove the blight and corruption afflictions. Also included in this group of consumables, are weapon coatings. Weapon coatings can give you an offensive boost to a specific enemy type. There are also absorption and ward potions that will increase your damage absorption against certain types of mobs and elements. 

    Potions require an Arcana station or camp of the appropriate tier. For an in-depth look at potions and how to craft them, you can check out our complete Arcana guide.

    Health, Mana, Regeneration,& Encumbrance Potions 

    Health Potions – Use to instantly restore a portion of your health. The higher the tier the more health you gain on use. Using a health potion triggers a 30 second cooldown before you can consume another health potion. 

    Mana Potions – Use to instantly restore a portion of your mana. The higher the tier the more mana you gain on use. Using a mana potion triggers a 15-second cooldown before you can consume another mana potion. 

    Regeneration Potions – Use to restore both health and mana. These restore X% of health every 1 second and X% of mana per 1 second for 10 seconds. Using this potion triggers a 30-second cooldown before you can use another regeneration potion. You can use a health or mana potion after consuming a regeneration potion. 

    Regeneration Serum – Restores 400 health +1% of your max health, 5 Stamina and 2 Mana per second for 20 seconds.

    Focus Potions – Use to restore a % of mana every 1 second for 60 seconds. The amount regenerated ranges based on the tier of the potion.

    • Tier II – Restores .25% 
    • Tier III – Restores .50% 
    • Tier IV – Restores .75%
    • Tier V – Restores 1.00%

    Encumbrance Potions – Use to increase your encumbrance limit by a specified amount for a short duration. You can not stack these potions.

    • Tier 3 -increases max weight carried by 50 for 120 seconds,
    • Tier 4 – increases max weight carried by 75 for 150 seconds
    • Tier 5 – increases max weight carried by 100 for 180 seconds.

    Weapon Coatings

    Weapon Coatings range from tier II to Tier V. There is a coating for each enemy type in the game which includes, beasts, lost, corrupted, ancients, and angry earth. They can then be applied to your currently drawn weapon to gain a % damage boost against whichever enemy type you crafted the coating for. The coating will last for a specified duration or will be removed upon equipping your weapon, whichever comes first. You can only apply one coating to one weapon at a time. Therefore, you will need to choose wisely based on the enemies you’ll be facing. In conclusion, here are the tiers of weapon coatings available in New World:

    • Tier II – 9% damage buff, lasts 25 minutes
    • Tier III – 11% damage buff, lasts 30 minutes
    • Tier IV – 13% damage buff, lasts 35 minutes 
    • Tier V – 15% damage buff, lasts 40 minutes
    weapon coating


    Tinctures will remove certain afflictions and give you resistance to that affliction for a specified duration. They can be crafted at both a camp and an arcana station of the appropriate tiers. There are two different types of tinctures, Blight Tinctures, and Corruption Tinctures

    Consuming a blight tincture will fully remove the blight affliction and you will gain resistance to the blight affliction for 5 minutes. 

    • Tier II – Increases blight absorption by 25%
    • Tier III – Increases blight absorption by 89%
    • Tier IV – Increases blight absorption by 95%
    • Tier V – Increases blight absorption by 97.5%

    Consuming a corruption tincture will fully remove the corruption affliction and you will gain resistance to the corruption affliction for 5 minutes.

    • Tier II – Increases corruption absorption by 25%
    • Tier III – Increases corruption absorption by 89%
    • Tier IV – Increases corruption absorption by 95%
    • Tier V – Increases corruption absorption by 97.5%

    Acid Tincture

    Acid Tinctures are used in the Brimstone Sands zone. These will help you navigate the sulfur pools and loot the chests in the area.

    • Tier V – removes acid burn and grants 20 more points of resistance to acid lasting up to 5 minutes.

    Tinctures can not be stacked. If you consume a blight potion and then immediately consume a corruption potion you will still remove the blight affliction, but the blight resistance will be overridden by the corruption resistance. 

    corruption tincture

    Ward Potions

    Next, Ward potions are potions that when consumed will grant you increased damage absorption against one of the 6 enemy types: Ancients, Angry Earth, Beast, Corrupted, Lost, and Human. They are only available from tier III to tier V, and these potions have a 3-second shared cooldown. You will receive your increased damage absorption for a specified duration after receiving damage from that enemy type a certain amount of times. 

    • Tier III – Increase damage absorption by 5% for 30 minutes. 
    • Tier IV – Increase damage absorption by 7% for 35 minutes.
    • Tier V – Increase damage absorption by 10% for 40 minutes.

    These can be very useful when running expeditions and mutations or farming a certain enemy type in the open world. 

    ward potion

    Absorption Potions

    Likewise, Absorption potions are potions that when consumed will grant you increased damage absorption against one of the 5 elemental types: Arcane, Fire, Lightning, Nature, and Void. They are only available from tier III to tier V.  You will receive increased absorption by a specified percentage for a specified duration. These potions can not stack. Only one can be active at a time. These potions have a 100-second shared cooldown. 

    • Tier III – Increase absorption by 9% for 30 seconds
    • Tier IV – Increase absorption by 12% for 30 seconds
    • Tier V – Increase absorption by 15% for 30 seconds
    Absorption potion

    Proficiency Boosters

    Proficiency boosters are crafted at a workshop of the appropriate tier. They are available from Tier II up to Tier V. In short, consuming a proficiency booster will increase the number of resources gathered by X% for X minutes. The proficiency boosters available are as follows:

    Secrets of the Spores

    There’s a specific type of potion available for the Elysian Wilds zone (requires Rise of the Angry Earth expansion). These potions will give you additional bonuses while in spore clouds within the zone.

    • Boon of Artemis Potion – Consuming this potion attunes you to the Spores. Lasts for 120 minutes. Upon entering a Spore Cloud and becoming “Spore Drenched,” deal 27% more damage and gain increased loot from creatures in the Elysian Wilds for 270 seconds.
    • Boon of Demeter Potion – Consuming this potion attunes you to the Spores. Lasts for 120 minutes. Upon entering a Spore Cloud and becoming “Spore Drenched,” take 27% less damage and gain increased resources when Harvesting Sporeplants for 270 seconds.

    Other Consumables

    Honing Stones

    Next, are Honing Stones. These are crafted by the weaponsmithing profession at the forge. In short, Honing Stones are used to increase a player’s overall weapon damage. Upon use, you will receive a % of weapon damage increase for a specified period of time depending on the tier of honing stone used.


    Incense are crafted by the furnishing profession at a workshop and increases a player’s resistance to all afflictions by a set amount for a specified duration of time depending on the tier of incense used. 

    Gemstone Dust

    Gemstone dust is crafted at the outfitter’s station using the Jewelcrafting profession. This consumable increases a player’s elemental damage absorption. The amount of absorption/ number of times the damage is received is based on the tier of gemstone dust used. For Example, here’s a list of each version of Gemstone Dust below:

    Oakflesh Balm

    Oakflesh Balm is crafted at the outfitter’s station using the armoring profession. These potions increase the absorption of physical damage by a specified %. They last for 20 seconds or until the damage is received a specified amount of times, whichever comes first. For example, here is a list of each of the Oakflesh Tiers:


    Dyes are used to dye clothing or armor. These are crafted using the cooking profession at a kitchen. Dyes can not be crafted using cooking at a camp. In order to craft a dye, you must have water and the appropriate pigment. You can see a list of all available dyes and their recipes by viewing our database.

    Repair Kits

    In New World, Repair kits are crafted items that can fully repair any piece of equipment of the appropriate tier. These items can be crafted by the engineering profession, the armoring profession, and the forge and the weaponsmithing profession.  No matter which profession you choose to craft the repair kits with, they all follow the same crafting pattern. You must have repair parts and any craft mod to craft the repair kit.

    Standard Repair Kit – Requires 40 repair prats and 1 craft mod; will repair Tier II items
    Advanced Repair Kit – Requires 100 repair parts and 2 craft mods; will repair any Tier III item
    Expert Repair Kit – Requires 150 repair parts and 3 craft mods; will repair any Tier IV item
    Master Repair Kit – Requires 300 repair parts and 3 craft mods; will repair any Tier V item. 


    Ammunition in New World consists of both arrows and cartridges. These consumables are crafted by the engineering profession at a workshop of the appropriate tier. Both arrows and cartridges follow the same progression. There are 5 tiers of each type of ammunition; Infinite, Iron, Steel, Starmetal, and Orichalcum. The higher tier the ammunition, the higher the damage modifier for that type of ammunition.


    • Infinite Arrow – Tier 1 – Damage modifier of 1.00
    • Iron Arrow – Tier II – Damage modifier of 1.05
    • Steel Arrow – Tier III – Damage modifier of 1.10
    • Starmetal Arrow – Tier IV -Damage modifier of 1.15
    • Orichalcum Arrow – Tier V –  Damage modifier of 1.20


    New World Consumables Guide Conclusion

    That does it for our New World Consumables guide! In conclusion, there are tons of consumables in New World. Don’t forget to utilize all the different types of consumables in any activity you do in New World.

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