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🏔️ The Foliage [303 Esports] 🏔️

Region: NAEAST | Server: Undecided | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvP | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

The Foliage (303 Esports backed)
Region: US-East Server: TBD
Faction: Marauders (subject to change)
(We will vote on server and faction before launch)

Who are we?
The Foliage is a group of like-minded gamers that has formed in our homegrown community and from friends of friends. We are a mix of esports professionals, streamers, long-time MMO lovers, PvP cracks, crafting buffs, and just overall sociable people. We have a strong foundation, but we want to hit the ground running on launch day and are looking for some more members to get to cap and come out in full force.
Our company has been active in all previous open and closed playtests. We are dedicated to success, organized gameplay and FUN. The Foliage is backed by 303 Esports, Colorado's premier esports organization, and gaming community. We plan on continuing our control of several territories early on as we did in all of the previous playtests. Therefore, we require members to be active DAY 1 and we also require everyone to put all their gold into the company in the first 48 hours to claim a territory fast. There will be a documentation system so everyone gets back what they invested from the company later. We have a focus on PvP, however, we will be heavily exploring PvE content as well. We hang out in Discord together and finding people to form groups or get help with stuff will be easy since we are an international bunch stretched over many timezones so someone will always be around :)

What are we looking for?
We are looking for dedicated players who will grind hard for that W, build relationships with other company members and jump in on fun stuff when it is happening.

> You are 18+ (non-negotiable) and a decent human being.
> You want to focus on territory control, PvP, and gearing up  OR You are obsessed with crafting and want to see the best items in Aeternum crafted by your hands put to good use.
> You like hanging out with like-minded people on Discord and you speak English.
> You want to be among the first to have a territory claimed and you want to be in a company that approaches wars with real strategies and has specialists for different builds, and game aspects.
> You are willing, no actually you are itching to put in the work to make that happen.

...Does that sound like you? Then we'd like to meet you! DM  Sommelier#5767  or ROLLTIDES_#7464 on Discord - or jump right in and ask your questions to any of our members with the Foliage role! 

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