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M.E.R.C. Gaming Community

Region: NAEAST | Server: All | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 11-25 | Recruiting: Yes

!!! Open Recruiting Fresh Start Server East Coast !!!

M.E.R.C. Gaming Community is looking for members to join our company. We are a Marauder's company looking to enjoy all aspects of New World.  On NA - East Fresh Start  servers.

What M.E.R.C. stands for:  





 Our Company believes we are willing and able to take bring our people and resources to any situation. As our community grows in New World we will play the field of battle to hold points of contentions. We will explore and recover resources to keep supply lines flowing of materials for the Marauder's faction. And we will also as we grow provide services to those who wish to join our cause or hire our crews out for tasks. Examples of possible services to include but not limited to:

1.       Resource gathering in bulk rates.
2.       Escort players thru hostile areas both PvP and PvE.
3.       Provide Dungeon or other End game PvE runs
4.       Disruptions of opposing factions held areas. 
5.       More as game adds new content and our company grows.

 About company leader I am a 43-year-old disabled Veteran stay at home dad.  I have been gaming since I was young both video games and Tabletop Rpg. I have a friends who have been gaming with me since grade school and some that have been gaming with only with in the last 10 or so years. Some of my group comes and goes depending on real life situations.  We have a belief that Real life comes before game life.  For we know folks have work, school, and families to take care of. So I run a group to allow for folks to help and join in when they can and feel like they are part of a community or a family where they feel appreciated and welcome and not judged by how much there play time is. But how they are able to play and work well with others to accomplish goals. 

 About M.E.R.C. history we have been apart of games thru out the years some have been MMO’s some have been Survival games.  We have folks that come and stay with us thru thick and thin and become longtime friends we have made over the years and games we have made footprints in. We have found out that we as a group if we support our teammates in a game and engage in activity that best suites there play style, we have seen this led to better longevity and community growth. So, we value each team member, and we don’t play favorites. We have sign up for events or activities to help folks do things they like in game. And as company leader if some one needs to run something, and we already have spots filled I will give up my spot to allow that person to take it so they can get what they need to get done. For we are only as strong as we are playing as a team and making sure people feel like they can be a part of something.   But we also believe to help those who are willing to put the work in and actively participate for you will only get so much as you put into something.

            Our rules are as follows:


1.       Please keep language to a decent level we do have members that do have younger children.  So be mindful of folks in chat.
2.       No Racism, No Gender Bashing, No Religion Zealotry.
3.       Politics can be discussed if kept civil or if taken to a different channel. If not, you will be muted.
4.       Be respectful of those in chat and on discord
5.       No spamming
6.        No begging we will be willing to help where we can, but we won’t be giving things out to those not willing to help put the work into getting said items or tasks. 
7.       Any disputes or issues please message a red or yellow community member so they can get into touch with said parties to help solve issues or contact someone higher up that can. 
8.       Be mindful that not all players are in this community or the game you are associated with for the same reasons what is fun for one may not be fun for another.
9.       No means No enough said if you are told and persist in the action that was told no you will be subject to punishment.
10.    If on hot mic and there is excessive noise in background please make sure to switch to push to talk for being respectful of others. 
11.   Game specific rule will be case by case per game. 
12.    Must be 18+ year or older and or have permission from Officer core to join games or must be a family member to a adult member in one of our games to join. 
 13. No Exploits ,  Or breaking games TOS

 Punishment actions results:

1.       Minor offence will result in temp ban or mute for 48 hours. 
2.       Medium offence will result in 1 week ban and possible forfeiture of assets depending on game
3.       Major offence immediate ban.

 Note: All punishments will be reviewed by all red tier commanders in discord to make sure punishment fit the initiated actions. 

We thank you for your time and your inquire to look at this post and regardless if you choose to join us or choose another path. We hope you enjoy your time in New World and have many adventures and memories as the time goes on. 

If you like to find out more or join our company please contact me at our discord:   look for lordzetal.

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