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Last Updated: July 29, 2022 Reading Time: 6 min

New World Bow Patch Note Changelog

Below is a running list of changes for each patch for all things relating to the Bow in New World. The most recent patch is listed first and then in descending order by date.

July Update Summer Medleyfair – July 27th, 2022

  • Added a cancel window to the “Rapid Shot” ability to allow users to dodge cancel out of of the ability after the first shot as long as they are not actively firing the subsequent shots.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Rapid Shot” and “Explosive Arrow” abilities to have too long of a duration between when the cooldown was triggered and the active frames started.
  • Added the ability to zoom in the camera when using the “Rapid Shot” and “Explosive Arrow” abilities.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented dodge canceling while reloading when exiting ADS.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Bow to leave ADS while rapidly shooting in settlements.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Archer’s Speed” passive effect to continue when the Bow was sheathed.
  • Reduced “Poison Shot’s” “Direct Hit” passive’s damage from 150% to 100%.
  • Removed stagger from “Penetrating Shot”.
  • The “Splinter Shot” ability has been reworked and is now “Explosive Arrow”:
    • Explosive Arrow – Fire an arrow that will explode on impact dealing 50% weapon damage on hit, and an additional 135% damage to all targets within a 2.5m radius.
    • Flame Arrow – Direct Explosive Arrow hits inflict Burn, dealing 8% weapon damage every second for 10s.
    • Contained Detonation – Explosion damage increased to 170% damage, but AoE radius decreases to 1.3m.
    • Updated the “Empowering Splinter Shot” perk text to state “Empowering Explosive Arrow”. Its functionality remains the same.
  • Evasive Tactics – Reduced damage bonus from 20% to 15%
  • Long Range – Reduced damage bonus from 20% to 15%

May Arenas Patch – May 26th, 2022

  • Reduced recovery on basic attacks.
  • Fixed ability cancels on basic attacks.
  • Increased projectile radius on all attacks, except Penetrating Shot.
  • Added cancel windows to weapon readying animations.
  • Players can now sprint-cancel when lowering the weapon.
  • Added missing cancel buffers when lowering weapon.
  • Poison Shot and Penetrating Shot now use the same fire/cancel inputs as Rain of Arrows.
  • Reduced hip-fire startup and recovery, and increased move speed while hip-firing from 1.65 to 2.25.
  • Reduced hip-fire multiplier from 0.8 to 0.6.
  • Reduced Charged Shot damage multiplier from 1.7 to 1.5.
  • Reduced charge time and recovery for Charged Shots.
  • Reduced the power of the Bow’s Aim True Passive from 30% to 10%.
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to instantly fire Penetrating Shot or Poison Shot at the same time as a Charged Bow Shot.
  • Reduced the Bow’s base block stamina damage from 34-42 to 32-40 depending on its tier.
  • Reduced Bow’s Charged Shot stamina damage coefficient by 38%.
  • Reduced Bow’s Evade Shot stamina damage coefficient by 75%.
  • Reduced the Evade Shot Knockback’s upgrade stamina damage coefficient by 40%.

April Bugs and Balance Patch – April 25th, 2022

  • Removed Input Buffering when exiting ADS to avoid Hip Fire from unintentionally activating.

Heart of Madness Patch – March 30th, 2022

  • Fixed an issue where bow status effects could not be extended via perks or other bonuses.
  • Infinite Ammo: T1 Flint ammo is being replaced by an infinite resource. Players can now fire ranged weapons (Musket, Bow and Blunderbuss) without equipping ammo.
    • If no ammo is equipped, an ammo counter will not be displayed on the reticle and the weapon will still be allowed to fire.
    • If players have a higher tier ammo equipped in a game mode that provides infinite ammo (such as Outpost Rush) an infinity icon will appear on the reticle instead to distinguish it from having no ammo equipped.
  • Ammo rarity/damage tiers have been updated as follows:
    • T1 Infinite (Previously Flint) = 1.00x damage.
    • T2 Iron = 1.05x damage.
    • T3 Steel = 1.10x damage.
    • T4 Starmetal = 1.15x damage.
    • T5 Orichalcum = 1.20x damage.
  • Flint Arrows: These arrows have been removed from the game due to the addition of infinite ammo. Any Flint Arrows previously created will become Iron Arrows. Additionally, any Flint Arrows posted on the trading post will be canceled and returned as Iron Arrows to the player who posted the listing.
  • Ammo weight has been removed.
  • Increased maximum stack count for ammo from 500 to 1000.

Bug Fixes Patch – February 28th, 2022

  • Rain of Arrows:
    • Fixed an issue where Rain of Arrows could trigger backstabs.
    • Fixed an issue where the Rain of Arrows bleed duration was not able to be extended by perks and passives that extend Bow/Bleed effect durations.
  • Evade Shot:
    • Energizing Evade Shot (Item Perk): Fixed an issue where this perk was not triggering if any upgrades were unlocked for Evade Shot.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Rain of Arrows, Penetrating Shot and Poison Shot to be used while encumbered or in deep water.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed bow light attacks to be activated underwater.
  • Fixed an issue with bow hip-firing that made the canceling windows different than when firing down sights. This fix normalizes the firing rate between hip-firing and firing down sights.

Mutators Patch – January 25th, 2022

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Musket and Bow light attacks to be activated underwater.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked Bow from entering aim down sights if swapping to Bow while in Musket Sniper Zoom.
  • Updated the Rapier Tornado Ability and the Bow Barbed Arrows Rain of Arrows upgrade tooltips to state the damage per second instead of overall damage for the damage over time effects.
  • Fixed issue where if shift was being held while aiming down sights with a bow or musket, or if a player used any navigation action, the animations would stutter.
  • Fixed issue where the Bow Concussion ultimate was applying to all attacks and not just headshots.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lazarus Bow had less dexterity than other bows at its tier and gear score. It now has an equivalent amount of dexterity.
  • Fixed exploit where players could combine multiple ammo return benefits and refund ammo using attacks that hit multiple times per use. Added a cooldown to ammo refunds so that it can not trigger more than once every 2 seconds per ability/perk/attribute bonus.
  • Fixed issue that would cause you to cancel out of Poison Shot or Penetrating shot if you were holding RMB while activating the ability.

Winter Convergence Patch – December 16, 2021

  • Rain of Arrows:
    • Fixed an issue that allowed this skill to deal damage to targets through Fort Gates and War Camp gates.
    • The bleeding effect from Rain of Arrows can no longer be stacked by multiple players using the ability on the same target. This change was made to keep the ability consistent with other AoE skills that can be stacked on top of each other.
  • Penetrating Shot:
    • Blood Soaked Arrow: Fixed an issue that caused this upgrade to increased damage with each hit instead of after each hit.
  • Surprise Attack: Updated description of this passive ability to specify that its effect is per target.
  • Improved all Aim Down Sights transitions between abilities and primary shot. This also addresses an issue that prevented Penetrating Shot and Poison Shot from being canceled after exiting the shots.
  • Mark upgrade: Fixed an issue where the damage increase would not cap, it will now cap at 30% damage increase against enemy with debuff.

Into the Void Patch – November 18th, 2021

  • Bow Primary Attack
    • Fixed an issue that allowed consecutive primary attacks to be fired faster than intended.
  • Updated descriptions for Rain of Arrows, Poison Shot and Splinter Shot to indicate that they cannot headshot.
  • Fixed an issue with several Bow abilities not benefiting from increased damage from higher tier arrows.
  • Evade Shot
    • Go the Distance: This upgrade now applies haste at the end of the ability, rather than at the start, so that the buff duration is not partially lost during the skill animation.
  • Poison Shot
    • Reduced cooldown of Poison Shot from 35s to 30s.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Poison Shot to go on cooldown without the ability being fired.
  • Rapid Shot
    • Reduced cooldown from 20s to 14s.
    • Rapid Accuracy: Fixed an issue where this upgrade would not reduce the cooldown if the last arrow of Rapid Shot killed the enemy.
  • Rain of Arrows
    • Rain of Arrows no longer hits enemies through doors.
  • Passives
    • Fixed an issue where hip-firing with the bow was triggering the Heightened Precision passive from the Musket ability tree.

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