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Last Updated: July 29, 2022 Reading Time: 2 min

New World Ring Perks and Perk Labels

All of the perks in New World are categorized using perk labels. In this guide, we have a easy to use chart with all the New World Ring Perks and Perk labels.

When crafting an item in New World you can not roll multiple perks within the same perk label. For example, if you roll Refreshing in the “CDR” perk label you can not also have the Refreshing Ward perk within the “CDR” perk label on the same Ring. 

You could however roll an item that has something within the “CDR” perk label and within the “Damage Type” perk label. For example, you could roll Refreshing and Fire Damage on the same Ring. 

Below is a chart of all the Ring perks and their associated perk labels within New World (You can use “CTL + F” to search for applicable perks and perk labels)

Ring Perks and Perk Label Chart

Perk LabelPerk Name
CDRRefreshing Ward
CDRRefreshing Evasion
Damage TypeFire Damage
Damage TypeIce damage
Damage TypeNature damage
Damage TypeLightning Damage
Damage TypeVoid Damage
Damage TypeArcane Damage
Damage TypeThrust Damage
Damage TypeSlash Damage
Damage TypeStrike Damage
Damage TypeKeen Awareness
Damage Con (PVP ONLY)Mortal Empowerment
Damage Con (PVP ONLY)Invigorated Punishment
Debuff DurationPoisoning
Debuff DurationBlood Letting
Debuff DurationBurning
Debuff DurationCrippling
Debuff DurationEnfeebling
Debuff DurationInfected
Healing Sacred

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