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Last Updated: February 24, 2023 Reading Time: 4 min

New World Hatchet Patch Note Changelog

Below is a running list of changes for each patch for all things relating to the Hatchet in New World. The most recent patch is listed first and then in descending order by date.

July Update Summer Medleyfair – July 27th, 2022

  • Reduced Hatchet base stamina damage based on weapon tier from a range of 36 to 42 to a range of 24 to 30.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the hatchet aimed throw to speed up when animation cancelling.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Hatchet light attacks to generate desyncs.
  • Extended the subsequent Hatchet light attack hitboxes to make them more in line with the first hit. The light attack chain is now more consistent.
  • Fixed incorrect values in the “Infected Throw Mortal Power” tooltip.
  • Made a number of Hatchet Throwing skill tree updates:
    • General
      • All throws no longer need a passive unlocked to be able to critical hit.
      • Slightly reduced block stamina damage on all thrown attacks.
      • Adjusted placement of the hatchets as they are thrown to be more in line with the player character and reticle.
    • Rending Throw
      • Damage reduced from 120% to 110%.
    • Targeted Impact upgrade
      • Updated functionality to extend the duration of the rend by 4s instead of increasing power.
      • Decreased the distance required to trigger from 8m to 6m.
    • Social Distancing
      • Increased dodge back distance.
      • Added a stagger to Distancing Throw.
      • Reduced damage from 130% to 100%.
      • Slightly Increased invulnerability frames during backwards dodge.
      • Updated tooltip to show the ability has invulnerability frames.
      • Increased base slow effectiveness from 15% for 3s to 25% for 5s.
    • Quick Power upgrade
      • Previously granting 30% Haste for 3s when Social Distancing hits a target with an active debuff. Now it grants 20% for 6s.
    • Stay Back upgrade
      • Updated functionality to root players for 1s if their target is farther than 6m away.
    • Infected Throw
      • Sped up Infected Throw attack animation.
      • Reduced damage from 165% to 120%.
      • Increased the speed of the thrown projectile.
    • Mortal Power Upgrade
      • Increased the HP requirement to trigger from 30% to 50%
    • Aimed Throw
      • Updated to not interfere with movement when throwing.
      • Increased movement speed while aiming from 1.65 to 2.25. It now matches the throw move speed.
      • Improved cancel windows when transitioning from throw into abilities to match the timing of standard light attack cancels. (3 frames after throw fragment starts).
      • Increased damage from 95% to 100%.
      • Removed the stamina cost of throws.
      • Increased the speed of the thrown projectile.
    • Passives
      • Critical Throws
        • All throws can now perform critical hits by default, meaning this passive is no longer required.
        • This now grants a 5% critical hit chance on all melee attacks, and 10% critical hit chance on all ranged attacks.
      • On Fire
        • No longer requires Critical Throw to unlock.
      • Rejuvenating Crits
        • No longer requires Critical Throw to unlock.
      • Exploitation
        • Reduced passive damage bonus from 15% to 10%.
      • “Boot and Rally” renamed to “Hurling Force”
        • Reworked to increase damage of all throws based on how far away the target is from the player.
        • Deals up to a max of 20% damage at 20 meters and beyond.
      • Persistent Hindrance
        • Reduced debuff extension time from 30% to 20%
        • Updated to also deal 3% additional damage per debuff on the target, up to a max of four debuffs.
      • Adrenaline Rush
        • Now triggers off a hit with an ability instead of on ability activation.
      • Accumulated Power
        • Power reduced from 30% to 20% but now also triggers off throws.
      • Relentless Fury
        • Reduced power from 30% to 10% but increased duration of the effect from 3s to 5s.

May Arenas Patch – May 26th, 2022

  • Berserking Purge: Fixed an issue where this upgrade would not properly remove stuns if used too soon after the stun was applied.

April Bugs and Balance Patch – April 25th, 2022

  • No Changes

Heart of Madness Patch – March 30th, 2022

  • Raging Torrent
    • Refreshing Torrent (Item Perk): Fixed an issue where the final attack of Raging Torrent was not triggering the cooldown reduction from this perk.
  • Feral Rush
    • Energizing Feral Rush (Item Perk): Fixed an issue where this perk would not apply the stamina gain on both hits of Feral Rush.
    • Feral Rush now ends early if it traverses into deep water.
  • Berserking Purge: Fixed an issue where this upgrade would not correctly purge stun debuffs.

Bug Fixes Patch – February 28th, 2022

  • Fixed an issue where the Accumulated Power and On Fire passives were not consistently triggering with hatchets that had perks with alternative damage sources (DoTs, Chain Elemental, etc).

Mutators Patch – January 25th, 2022

  • No Changes

Winter Convergence Patch – December 16, 2021

  • Aimed Throw: Increased recovery before being able to cancel out from the first .1s of the attack to the first .45s of the attack
  • Heavy Attack: Reduced recovery time by .15 seconds.

Into the Void Patch – November 18th, 2021

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where Aimed Throw could be used to cancel basic attacks at any time.
    • Fixed an issue causing heavy attacks to not buffer properly, resulting in some attack transitions not functioning.
    • Fixed an issue causing player’s homed in on a target, the player would be moved to a spot far enough away from the target that the hits could miss due to the hitbox sizes being a bit smaller than the distance the player would be from the target.
  • Berserk
    • Fixed an issue where activating Berserk would consume the Relentless Fury and Accumulated Power empower buffs.
  • Feral Rush
    • Fixed an issue where Feral Rush could be triggered without a cooldown in settlements.
  • Raging Torrent
    • Fixed an issue where some attacks could miss.
  • Infected Throw
    • Increased disease and weakness duration from 5s to 10s.
    • Mortal Power: Increased bonus duration on low health targets from 8s to 15s.
    • Aerial Transmission: Increased the duration of the AoE cloud from 3s to 6s.
  • Rending Throw
    • Reduced cooldown from 15s to 8s.
  • Defy Death
    • Fixed an issue where the Defy Death ultimate cooldown timer was removed when a player died.

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