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New World Where to Farm Elemental Aversion Gear
New World Tips to Prepare for New World Season 1

Tips to Prepare for New World Season 1

This article covers some great tips to help you prepare for New World Season 1, which is set to release on March 28th.

New World Springtide Bloom Event

Springtide Bloom Event

Springtide Bloom is a New World seasonal event. You will need to craft sprits to exterminate wasps to earn event specific rewards.

New World Empyrean Forge Expedition Guide

Empyrean Forge Expedition Guide

Everything you need to know including drops, boss strategies, and a complete walkthrough in our Empyrean Forge Expedition Guide

New World New World Fortification Nerf

New World Fortification Nerf

This article outlines the New World Fortification nerf that’s currently on the Public Test Real (PTR). It covers all you need to know.

New World PTR Patch Notes February

PTR Patch Notes February

Amazon Games Studio have provided us with a very large and impactful PTR Patch Notes post for February. Find all the information here.

New World New World Seasonal Pass

New World Seasonal Pass

Today, New World has made a ton of announcements including an upcoming Expansion, Mounts, as well as a New World Seasonal Pass!

New World Legacy of Crassus Event

Legacy of Crassus Event

New World is soon to have a brand new event, Legacy of Crassus. Players will defend Aeternum from the might of Rome. Find out more here.

New World Void Gauntlet Blunderbuss Build

Void Gauntlet Blunderbuss Build

This Void Gauntlet Blunderbuss PVP Build combines the burst and survivability of the Blunderbuss with the Elite utility of the Void Gauntlet

New World New World Leaderboards

New World Leaderboards

The New World Leaderboards will allow players to compete in various leaderboards and earn special in-game rewards.

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