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Desert sunrise removes food healing buff in 3v3 arena


We’ll get this tested and looked into, thank you!

Spirit returns main quest bug


You only need to align the glyphs on either side. :blush:

Another day, another game breaking bug 8)


A fix is in test. Hoping to get it out soon after it’s approved/validated by QA.

[Notice] Server Merges: Central EU, US-East, Australia, and South America


Greetings Adventurers,

We will be merging worlds within Central EU, US-East, South America, and Australia. As a reminder, we look into a combination of average concurrency, active characters, faction population, and more to determine which worlds should be merged.

Please note: There will be two separate times listed for these merges, one in preparation for these merges and one for the actual merge. Please read the below information to know when these downtimes are happening.

There is a 1 hour downtime (~60 minutes) on 2023-01-06T07:00:00Z for the worlds being merged to prepare for this event.
The actual merges will happen on 2023-01-10T17:00:00Z and are slated to last 2 hours (~120 minutes).

Please scrolls down to your regions’ section to find out more information on these merges.

Central EU

  • Niflheim and Caer Sidi will be merging in to Asgard.
  • Tir Na Nog and Dry Tree will be merging into Abaton.
  • Apophis will be merging into Artemis.
  • Galahad will be merging into Cleopatra.
  • Gawain and Jupiter will be merging into Kronos.
  • Fate and Morgaine will be merging into Crassus.
  • Gilgamesh and Imhotep will be merging into Nyx.


  • Heliopolis will be merging into Maramma.
  • Olympus will be merging into Castle of Steel.
  • Devourer will be merging into Amarah.
  • Minotaur will be merging into Seer.
  • Sentinel will be merging into Lilith.

South America

  • Atlantis will be merging into Devaloka.
  • Arjuna and Mayari will be merging into Artorius.
  • Nomad will be merging into Gaea.


  • Eridu will be merging into Delos.
  • Primodial will be merging into Sutekh.

As a reminder, once in game messaging is posted, players in these worlds will not be able to transfer servers, nor will players be able to transfer to a world that is set to be merged. They will see a banner at the bottom of their screen reminding them of this merge when they enter the game.

Please see the [FAQ] Server Merges for more information.

Cant Dye Defiled Items Like Boots,


Thanks for reporting! It looks like the fix for this is incoming. :slight_smile:

Perforate 3rd stagger attack passive (in PVP)


Any chance you can provide video of this happening? We don’t see it working incorrectly on our end!

Ennead/Starstone unpopular mutation rotation?


That’s a good question! It’s definitely not the same as having Garden of Genesis up (which is the most popular) and we get that sometimes it can be difficult to get a crew together. We’re looking into ways to alleviate that lobby struggle, which we spoke a little bit to in this Forged in Aeternum video. Of course we’re also working on cross-server, but this Forged in Aeternum video might shed some light on why that’ll take some time to implement.

Botting behaviour detection system


Unfortunately as Community Managers, we are not a part of the Game Moderation or Support team. I don’t have any visibility into Game Moderation or the actions that team takes or access to the tools or reports that they use to determine suspensions.

Please appeal your ban here (as stated above): Appeal a Penalty - Support | Amazon Games since we won’t be able to assist you with this in the forums!

Rune of Helios (Fire staff) cooldown timer is not working properly when swapping weapons


Thank you, we’re working on a fix for this! :slight_smile:

Change the Color of Enemy Heal Circles - PLEASE


@baconmantis Not just any dev can make new tech. Designers or Tech Artists aren’t Engineers, etc. Different features and changes also fall under specific teams.

Change the Color of Enemy Heal Circles - PLEASE


Definitely heard, and it is a personal goal of mine to be more active on the forums when possible. But it is a balancing act between scheduled tasks, meetings, reading forums, and trying to find time for well-constructed posts (and often among spicy threads which don’t incentivize engagement, especially for devs who aren’t used to really passionate topics). Alternatively, if we post too much… well, we’ll also get told to work more. :wink:

Anyhow, keep things productive and friendly (doesn’t always have to be positive) and we’re more likely to swing by! :slight_smile:

AGS? Are you back in the office? Hello?


Yes, we just got back into the office. And yes, all of this is already on our priority list. :slight_smile: I’ll also just drop this little nugget here for convenience :wink: :

Devourer Crashed


The world did indeed crash, but it was able to self-recover and accept users after about 10 mins. Sorry for the brief inconvenience!

You can check out server status on our official webpage: Server Status | New World - Open World MMO PC Game

Change the Color of Enemy Heal Circles - PLEASE


This is something we are looking into, but I don’t have a specific timeline to share yet. It is something we’ve been wanting internally for a long time, too, but has been previously deprioritized due to other features and bugfixes. :face_in_clouds:

Add Transmogs to the Game!


Transmogs are coming! And so is a bunch of cool, nifty features and new pieces of unannounced content! :shushing_face:

Game kicks me out every time I hit play


@Cubez You likely have a corrupted or missing asset file. If you have a file mismatch, the game won’t allow you to connect for security reasons. Please try this troubleshooting step: Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If that doesn’t help, please reach out to CS for further support at Support | Amazon Games.


Please nerf f***cn muskets or all leave


We’ve heard your feedback, looked at data, and we should be sharing more information on coming balance changes very soon!

Arjuna server urgent merge


Hello all!

Now that the holiday has taken place, and the in-game Winter event is winding down soon as well, we are again looking at the population numbers for all worlds. We didn’t want to merge at the start of an event again and repeat the feedback we received at the onset of the Summer world event.

Arjuna (OP requested world) is one of a dozen that we are aiming to merge by early next week. We are likely going to be a tiny bit aggressive with the new world arrangements to account for any continued attrition, but you all should have plenty of new friends again soon to play with!

In a state of emergency re:PvP



We are investigating the issue and working on a fix. We aim to deploy it to the Live servers as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience.

Did faction quest line, but not allowed to change faction


Hello! There’s a cooldown on the Faction switching, but there is one free switch before that cooldown is implemented. That might be what happened here!

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