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Music Sheet has not been applied to my character


Oh no! I’ll get this looked into. :eyes:

Dämmerungsgeist Shop-Vorstellung und Black Friday Sale

website-news Verzaubert eure Gegner mit magischen Gegenständen und ermäßigten Fan-Favoriten aus früheren Präsentationen.

Promotion d’automne : remise de 50 % sur New World

website-news C’est le moment idéal pour démarrer votre aventure en Aeternum.

Présentation de « Dusk Spirit » dans la boutique et promotions du Black Friday

website-news Envoûtez vos ennemis à l’aide d'objets magiques, et offrez-vous des articles que les fans ont adoré lors des précédentes présentations à prix réduit.

Herbstangebot: New World gibt es nun mit einem Rabatt von 50 %

website-news Jetzt der beste Zeitpunkt, euer Abenteuer in Aeternum zu beginnen.

Dusk Spirit Store Showcase and Black Friday Sale

website-news Enchant your enemies with magical-themed items, plus discounted fan-favorites from previous showcases.

Autumn Sale - New World is Now 50% Off

website-news Now is the best time to start your adventure in Aeternum.

Head of the snake bug


Is this still occurring? This should have been fixed. :pensive:

Food / Potion buff disappearing after relogging


Thank you, we’re looking into this!

Imhotep not spawning - Devourer


I’ve checked both Devourer and Yonas and he seems to be spawning just fine. Let me know if that changes.

Challenging the Pharaoh last main quest BUGGED


Just jumped in and he seems to be working! Let me know if that changes.

Topaz potion effect lost after patch


Thank you for this report! Looking into this!

Trading Post completion time column sorting


Thank you! We’re aware and working on fixing this.

Steam Achievements


Thank you! We’re actively trying to solve this tricky one!

Is New World killing our GPU/PSU? (Weapon swapping causes GPU power fluctuations)


Hi all! Just wanted to let you know we are aware of these reports and are actively looking into it.

Main Questline disappeared from journal


@lbullock_england that’s really weird that you don’t have permissions to create new forum threads. I’ll send you a DM to get this resolved.

[Dev Video] Forged in Aeternum - Playstyles


Greetings Adventurers,

Welcome to Forged in Aeternum, a brand new series about all-things New World. In episode one, Scot Lane (New World Game Director) is joined by Dave (New World Creative Director) and Drew (New World Product Manager) to discuss play styles.

Retourner à Aeternum : interviews des équipes

website-news Découvrez le bilan de chaque équipe, suite à Retourner à Aeternum.

Forgé en Aeternum : les priorités des joueurs

website-news Retrouvez l’équipe de développement qui évoque les différents styles de jeu.

Forged in Aeternum - Player Priorities

website-news Join the Development Team for a discussion on some of your favorite lore.

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