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Springtide Bloom Rewards & Lore

website-news Help the enigmatic Bloom Herald unravel the mysteries of the ethereal Wispybloom and collect Springtide's fertile bounty of event-specific rewards.

[Notice] PTR Event Titles


Greetings Adventurers!

As promised, the titles for participating in the War and OPR PTR events earlier this year have been awarded as of today. If you participated in either the PTR War event on January 26th, 2023 or the OPR event on January 27th 2023 you should have both the ‘Welp’ and ‘Victorious Experimenter’ titles available on Live.

If you believe you should have them but don’t see titles, please contact Support for further assistance.

Thank you and see you in Aeternum!

Questions for Forged in Aeternum Community Q&A, April 2023 edition


Thanks for the questions all, closing this thread now!

[Dev Video] Forged in Aeternum - The Languages of Aeternum


In episode 23 of Forged in Aeternum host Rob Chestney (Narrative Director) is joined by Jean-Edouard Miclot (Audio Director), Aaron de Orive (Lore Master), and Divya Dias (Narrative Designer) to talk about the language and dialects of New world.

Where do these languages come from? Jean-Edouard takes us through finding software to construct a full language complete with grammar, definitions, and translations. Aaron illustrates the importance of pronunciation. You’ll also learn how the team matches the language with the character and how it evolves with their backstory and lore.

In Aeternum geschmiedet – Die Sprachen Aeternums

website-news Erfahrt mehr über die Sprachen Aeternums und wie wir damit Charaktere wie die Sirenenkönigin lebendig werden lassen.

Forged in Aeternum - Languages of Aeternum

website-news Learn more about the languages of Aeternum and how characters like the Siren Queen came to life.

Forgé en Aeternum – Les langues d’Aeternum

website-news Apprenez-en davantage sur les langues d’Aeternum et découvrez comment des personnages tels que la Reine Sirène ont vu le jour.

Questions for Forged in Aeternum Community Q&A, April 2023 edition


Greetings! It’s that time again and we’re here with another opportunity to submit questions for Forged in Aeternum!

Let’s go wild with your questions for this month’s Community Q&A. And if you’ve got something that’s more in line with Balance of Power, please make a note of it in your comment. As with last month, we will be releasing Balance of Power two days after the Q&A!

Questions are open all weekend. We will stop collecting on Monday, April 17 at 12 PM PT across Reddit, the forums, YouTube, and Discord.

Same standards as usual:

Request #1: Please be succinct.

Request #2: Please do not make personal insults against the devs.

Thanks everyone!

Récits d'Aeternum : Skye la fille-lance

website-news Le temps pressait. Elle ne supportait pas de penser qu’Aidyn puisse être à la merci des Varègues. Chaque seconde qui passait était bien trop longue.

I love this Halloween feature


I made sure the team’s seen this, thanks!

Trojan in NewWorld.exe



This is a false-positive with Kaspersky’s methods. Due to the community’s diligent reports, we’ve reached out to them directly and the situation should now be resolved. You may need to update your local copy of Kaspersky in order to get latest changes. Alternatively, marking your local game directory as an exclusion could also help immediately restore functionality (after also repairing your game files through Steam if any executables were unintentionally quarantined).

We hope this resolves your issues!

Geschichten aus Aeternum: Skye die Speertochter

website-news Die Zeit drängte. Sie wollte sich gar nicht vorstellen, wie Aidyn der Gnade der Varangianer ausgeliefert war. Jede Sekunde, die verstrich, war eine Sekunde zu viel.

Tales of Aeternum: Skye the Speardaughter

website-news Time was short. She didn’t even want to think about Aidyn being at the mercy of the Varangians. Every second that passed was too long.

A EU central server that has a covenant company that will accept a returning noob?


There’s no new information on merges, sadly. I’ll be sure to post it the moment there is. :+1:

A EU central server that has a covenant company that will accept a returning noob?


If you’re a Discord user you should check out our new server. We’ve got both LFG and company recruiting channels in there, server specific Discord lists and helpful people that could point you in the right direction.

[Downtime] PTR: Seasons April 13th, 2023


Greetings Adventurers!

The PTR will be down starting 2023-04-13T17:00:00Z and will be unavailable for approximately 90 minutes. This update will bring the PTR in line with the live game.

Thank you for your patience.

[In-Game Event] Rabbit's Revenge April 12-25th, 2023


Greetings, Adventurers!

The plague of rabbits has returned once again, only now, they are more perilous than ever! Watch out for explosions as you hunt for event-specific loot from April 12 to April 25. Thanks to player feedback from last year, each rare drop is now guaranteed after slaying a certain number of corrupted rabbits. They can drop Diamond Gypsum, Defiled Rabbit’s feet (increases luck), a Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare, and a new Corrupted Rabbit Mask.

Check out the full reward breakdown below and then see how the Syndicate reacts to these fury little killers.

Days GOverned LeAdErBoArD SkIn?


This is a known issue with no current ETA on a fix. Once we have an update we’ll post it in the forums, thanks!

Missing Alpha Tester Title even after multiple tickets


Yup I replied to another thread about it a week or two ago. It’s being worked on but I don’t have an ETA at the moment. Once they’re ready I’ll post a forum announcement!

[Downtime] New World Update 1.9.1


Maintenance has been completed and the servers are back online. Thank you for your patience.

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