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Cadeau de la Convergence hivernale

website-news Répandez l'esprit de la Convergence hivernale avec ces objets festifs gratuits ! Disponibles pour une durée limitée à partir du 17 décembre.

Winter Convergence Giveaway

website-news Show off your Winter Convergence spirit with these free, festive items! Available for a limited time starting on December 17.

Winterliche Geschenke

website-news Verbreite die Stimmung der Winter-Zusammenkunft mit diesen festlichen Geschenken! Ab 17. Dezember jeweils für kurze Zeit erhältlich.

Shop-Update im Dezember

website-news Hier stellen wir die neuen festlichen Artikel im Shop vor und verraten mehr über die in diesem Monat noch kommenden Inhalte.

December Store Update

website-news Find the new and festive store content showcased and learn about upcoming content available later in the month.

My 40$ lunch and a quick question?


While this gave me a quick laugh, this has no constructive purpose in the community. I’m locking this down now.

[Downtime] December Monthly Update


Greetings Adventurers,

We will be holding downtime for our December Monthly Update on 2021-12-16T12:00:00Z (in your local time zone) for all regions. The estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours (~180 minutes).

Please find the release notes for this update here: December Update: Winter Convergence Festival - Releases | New World

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

[Notice] Disabling Dropdowns (Move All) in Inventory


Greetings Adventurers,

We’ve discovered a bug in inventory dropdowns (the move all function) that we haven’t fully addressed in this patch, so we are disabling them temporarily until the fix is fully tested.

We’ll provide an update once this feature is re-enabled.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

[Notice] Server Interruption


Hey all,

The region has not completely recovered. You may encounter stability issues as a result. AWS engineers are on the case, and we will keep you updated as the situation resolves.


[Notice] Server Interruption


The service region is recovering.

You should be good to play now.


[Notice] Server Interruption


Hello Adventurers,

We are experiencing an issue with services routed through US West. Though the root issue is localized to one region, there is likely impact across all regions in New World.

AWS engineers are working on it and we expect to have this resolved for you soon.

Either myself or our Community Managers will provide an update once we have more information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Is new world down?


We are investigating what is going on. It doesn’t look like the errors this morning are caused by the game, and are likely a result of an outage with AWS.

We will check back when we have more info.

[Downtime] Server Merge: US East - Arkadia Coral and Arkadia Alto


The worlds are out of maintenance! See you in Aeternum and for the server merge!

[Notice] Status of the Next Update


Greetings Adventurers,

As we communicated in a Developer Blog, we will keep you updated on the status of the upcoming weekly/monthly updates.

We know you are all super excited for the December Monthly Update and the release of the Winter Convergence event and so are we!

We will not be releasing this update today but stay tuned for the December Monthly Update announcement!

Server Merge: US East - Arkadia Coral and Arkadia Alto


Greetings Adventurers,

We will be merging some of the worlds in the world sets: Arkadia Coral and Arkadia Alto in US-East on 2021-12-16T23:30:00Z in your local timezone.

Due to the server merge, we will be taking a one hour (~60 minute) downtime for only the worlds noted below on 2021-12-15T00:45:00Z in your local timezone to support this.

Please see below for your server merge partner:

Note: If your world is not on the list, you are not scheduled for a server merge at this time.

  • Boosaule, Britannula, Caeno, Cenculiana, Ceryneia and Deipnias will be merging into Bouneima for Arkadia Alto.

  • Eupana, Galunlati, Harpagion, Hippocrene, Houssa and Huokang will be merging into Trapalanda for Arkadia Coral.

Once in game messaging is posted, players in these worlds will not be able to transfer servers. They will see a banner at the bottom of their screen reminding them of this merge when they enter the game.

Please see the FAQ for more information.

Festival de la Convergence hivernale – Mise à jour de décembre

website-news La mise à jour de décembre et le festival de la Convergence hivernale quittent le Royaume de test publique (RTP) et arrivent dans le jeu principal de New World. Vous trouverez des liens vers les notes de mise à jour ainsi que vers la page de la Convergence hivernale ici.

Winter-Zusammenkunft – Dezember-Update

website-news Das Dezember-Update und die Winter-Zusammenkunft wandern vom öffentlichen Testbereich (PTR) ins Hauptspiel von New World. Links zu den Versionshinweisen und zur Spezialseite zur Winter-Zusammenkunft findet ihr hier.

Winter Convergence Festival - December Update

website-news The December update and Winter Convergence Festival are moving from the PTR and releasing into the main New World game. Find the links to the release notes and Winter Convergence page here.

[Downtime] Addressing Various Issues - November 23rd 6:00 am PT


Who raises taxes before the holidays? What kind of Scrooge are we?

To add to the spirit of the holidays, we will keep the housing tax discount live through December until our January update.

Happy Holidays!

[Bug] Faction cooldown bugged


It resets after you change factions. There are no rollover days, so once you change factions it will be another 60 days before you can change again.

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