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AGS: Mage is only weak in mutations. Is this a joke?


Definitely not being ignored! And once and for all, let’s just clear the air shall we…

Devs love mages, we don’t hate them. :pleading_face:

I know it’s just a start, but here are some changes that hit the PTR, and for reference these weren’t made yesterday! Changes take time and testing before they even go to the PTR, so we have been not only hearing your feedback, but playing as all builds ourselves, so we understand.

  • Increase the damage of the “Smolder” damage over time effect applied by Flamethrower ability, and the Singe and Watch it Burn passives from 6% to 10%
  • Increase base damage of the Fire staff weapon by 3.5%

Combat is every evolving and we’ll continuing fine tuning. :saluting_face:

Mages remain unanswered


It’s important to note the roadmap is a big broad stroke and doesn’t cover everything incoming, it just highlights some big and/or highly requested features. There’s so many areas in the game to discuss and the dev videos are only so long, so they won’t ever cover everything!

We’re trying to alleviate that with the Forged in Aeternum series. :slight_smile:

[Dev Video] Team Update Video #12


Interested in only the roadmap? Here it is!

[PTR Downtime] December 1st, 2022


Greetings Adventurers,

We will be holding an estimated 1 hour (~60 minutes) downtime 2022-12-01T19:00:00Z to update the PTR.

We have temporarily disabled Leaderboards at this time.

You can find the release notes for the update here.

Thank you for your patience and see you in Aeternum!

PTR: December 1st, 2022 Patch Notes


PTR: December 1st, 2022 Patch Notes

Please note that this list is not all encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, up through retail release of the game version.

We have temporarily disabled Leaderboards at this time.


Trade Skills


  • Fixed an issue that could interrupt XP earning from certain crafting stations.
  • Upper-tier Protective Wyrd outfitting items (earned via quests given by Violante Severino in Weaver’s Fen) can now be crafted without consuming the lower-tier clothing item. This should enable blocked players to complete this questline.


  • Heart of Maahebgal no longer has an increased critical chance perk, instead it has a reduced poison duration perk.


  • In order to prevent bots from farming early quests for coin, we have reduced the amount of coin given during the onboarding quests until players reach the settlement.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mutator-specific named items to not display on the user interface for the Expedition.


  • Runeglass Icons have been updated to make the symbols easier to read

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Mirage Elemental could not drop Obsidian Gypsum.
  • Fixed an issue where many Named Quest Rewards were not marked as Named items.


Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Territory Standing shown on Town Board projects was not reflecting Territory Standing bonus from Musical Performance buffs.
  • Fixed Outpost Rush scoreboard sometimes requiring double keypress to show.
  • Fixed an issue where entering Expeditions from other locations would show the Settlement name instead of the expedition name in the Compass.
  • Fixed an issue where the The Pharaoh’s Longsword was showing the wrong icon.
  • Updated inconsistent fonts in pop up dialogs that appear to the player while in combat and attempting to fish or play music.
  • No Tier label is shown for items with no Tier neither in the Kitchen, Smelter or Gypsum Kiln crafting stations.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD overlapped multiple notifications during an Invasion.
  • Fixed an issue where Azoth vials and Azoth currency share the same icon. Azoth currency now has an icon of a blue crystal.


  • Added new messaging for when a player is on a full server. Updated error messaging to the player when creating a character on a full world that resulted in the character not being created.
  • Improved loot ticker presentation to highlight top items.
  • When players do not have any other items to compare, tooltips only show the item’s info with no comparison UI.

Trading Post

  • Fixed an issue causing Attribute items to not display an icon correctly in the Trading Post.
  • Fixed an issue where the Extra Pockets perk icon showed the wrong icon while in the Trading Post.


Global Mutators

  • Minor changes to the drop behavior of Mutator Unique Named Items.

World Experience


  • Added gypsum kiln to Brimstone settlement
  • Removed x,y,z player coordinates from the “Show FPS” option in visual settings.


  • Fixed an issue where Town Projects in Brimstone Sands target the wrong wildlife.
  • Fixed an issue where Faction Kill missions targeting “The Spread” couldn’t be completed.
  • Reduced Kill and Collect Counts in Legendary Weapon Quests
  • Moved Captain Korrapati and Susanna nearby to avoid spawning issues.
  • Fixed an issue that cuased Putrid Egg Clutches to not re-appearing after being destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where “Tracking The Huntress” did not progress after creating the weapon, ‘The Huntress’.


  • Fixed an issue with NPC Tomash Kovalenko’s voice over.
  • Fixed issues with voice over in French for various NPCs.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused player animation and audio to stutter when attempting to Fast Travel.
  • Fixed an issue that caused housing score to not be updated after purchasing a house. Disabled using territory standing for housing score, this is a temporary measure while the scoring system is being improved.
  • Removed Ebonscale Enemies from Everfall
  • Adjusted Archer spawn positions on Entropy wave event in Malevolence


Notable Fixes

  • Updated triggering logic for all perks and passives that are activated on ability start or finish. This update will fix perks activating when abilities are not performed.
  • Fixed crafting interactions timing out and failing under network conditions with high lag or packet drop


Life Staff

  • Fixed an issue where the Life Staff Intensity passive was able to trigger off of DoTs from Runeglass Gems.

Ice Gauntlet

  • Delayed ability input from exiting Entomb after activating the ability to match behavior prior to release 1.7.0.


  • Reduced the power of the Crosscut ability upgrade “Cross Execution” from 100% to 50%

Fire Staff

  • Increase the damage of the “Smolder” damage over time effect applied by Flamethrower ability, and the Singe and Watch it Burn passives from 6% to 10%
  • Increase base damage of the Fire staff weapon by 3.5%
  • Updated the Meteor Shower description to include information about how the initial burst of damage is upon entering the volume and not just on initial cast. Also updated tooltip to include casting distance.

Void Gauntlet

  • Fixed Void Gauntlet’s empowering proximity passive name and tooltip to display correctly in French


  • Fixed issue where the Lasting Consumption perk was not affecting the the Desert Sunrise food durations.



  • Fixed an issue where the Shruggy Dance emote would play the incorrect animation.


  • Fixed an issue that caused players who were removed from Company to still see Company specific messages in chat.

Territory Ownership

  • To mitigate a reduction in completed town projects after removing XP from the Town Board missions, we reduced the contribution amount required to complete town projects. In the event a Town Project would have met the new criteria before the update, and the timer does not end until after the update, the Project will complete at the end of the timer but the UI may show it as still in progress.

In-Game Store

  • Fixed an issue where Dark Fae camp skins had campfire ambient audio with no campfires in the skins.

[Dev Video] Team Update Video #12


Greetings Adventurers,

Join the New World team for our December Team Update video, where we discuss the Winter Convergence Festival, territory changes, and the upcoming roadmap.

Turkulon disappeared/not spawning again AFTER patch


No, the Turkulon event will continue to end on the expected date.

Mages remain unanswered


I do want to confirm we’re looking at all the feedback provided by the threads here and more around mages. While I do not currently have any additional information to provide at this time, I want to make you aware it’s being discussed!

My Feedback about Firestaff skill tree passives and why many of them are really bad


Appreciate all the feedback on this thread! We’re reviewing it! :slight_smile:

New World December Team Update

website-news Join the New World team for our December Team Update video, where we discuss the Winter Convergence Festival, territory changes, and the upcoming roadmap.

Actualité de l'équipe New World en décembre

website-news Rejoignez l'équipe New World pour notre vidéo d'actualité de l'équipe en décembre, où nous discutons du Festival de la Convergence hivernale, des changements de territoires et de la feuille de route qui arrive.

New World Team-Update im Dezember

website-news Seid dabei bei unserem New World Team-Update im Dezember. Wir sprechen über das Winterkonvergenz-Fest, Gebietsänderungen und die kommende Roadmap.

Turkulon disappeared/not spawning again AFTER patch


Everything looks fine! Just seems like y’all killed them quickly at all places around the same time and Turkulon doesn’t respawn right away. :saluting_face:

Where are all of the lore pages?


Today’s patch was purely to bring back Turkulon, who went on a temporary vacation:

Turkulon disappeared/not spawning again AFTER patch


Has this happened again and/or is COS all good?

Why is Minotaur still down?


Apologies for the delay. It should be back up!

Disappearing Enemy Health Bars


Thank you, we’re working on this!

[Megathread] New World Update 1.7.2 Bug Reporting


This was fixed, so video is very much appreciated. Poor Anpu.

[Megathread] New World Update 1.7.2 Bug Reporting


Thanks! I figured that was the case since it was a mutation, but wanted to check just to make sure! I’ll let you know if we need video, but always feel free to post it on YouTube unlisted and send a link over!

Comprehensive Return to Aeternum Event Servers Situation From Players


We appreciate and understand your concern here and are having active discussions around this topic. When we have more information, we will provide it.

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