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After 3000 hours i still don't have bis gear


We are constantly looking at and evaluating the current state of progression. I don’t have an exact answer to your question at this very moment, but we are aware of what’s being discussed here!

After 3000 hours i still don't have bis gear


When posts break the Code of Conduct/TOS, they (and sometimes the replies attached) will be removed. For a reminder on the Code of Conduct, see below:

Posts are not removed due to information shared unless that information also breaks the Code of Conduct/TOS/ exploitive (promotes exploitive behavior), etc.

Remember to be nice to each other! :slight_smile:

[Notice] PTR: Temporarily Disabling Leaderboards


Hi Adventurers,

We are temporarily disabling Leaderboards for the next few hour for backend AWS changes. We will follow up when Leaderboards have been re-enabled.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Forgé en Aeternum – L'histoire de l’Azoth

website-news Découvrez la source de la magie et du merveilleux dans New World.

In Aeternum geschmiedet – die Geschichte des Azoth

website-news Ein tieferer Einblick in die Quelle aller Magie und Wunder in New World.

Forged in Aeternum - The History of Azoth

website-news Take a deeper look into the source of magic and wonder in New World.

[EVENT] PTR OPR! - Friday, January 27th


Thanks for joining us today! We will provide more information on the title rewards soon!

Third swing of Greatsword light attacks doesn't deal damage/ghosts if first 2 hits didn't connect


Our testing seems to indicate this is only true for those particular dummies, but let us know if you see this anywhere else!

Question to AGS regarding expedition speedrun strategies


Hi Drexen, thanks for the post!

To directly answer the question, we have reviewed the behaviors listed and we will be taking action to cleanup and fix most issues over time. None of the listed behaviors rise to the level where we would consider them exploits, unfair or bannable behavior.

With the release of Leaderboards we have had discussions internally about the behaviors listed and decided to continue forward with the release as planned, deciding that none of the issues presented should stop either the enjoyment of our players for timed Expedition runs or Leaderboard Rewards. Leaderboards are refreshed Weekly. As changes are rolled out teams will have an opportunity to evolve new strategies.

To our community of speed runners, we want say we value the time and effort put into our game. We appreciate the question about what rises to a level of bannable behavior since it is ultimately a judgement call that needs to be determined. In the extreme - if an exploit was found that allowed players to gather the rewards from an Expedition in almost no time it would break the economy and we would need to take the Expedition offline. What would be questionable behavior is continuing to exploit something this extreme and not report it.

We expect our speedrunning community to push the boundaries of what is possible and to utilize the tactics available in game where they exist. We ask primarily for transparency, so that we can help manage any bugs that do rise to the level where we need to take larger action like hotfixes or in the extreme red button removal of an expedition.

Thank you very much for the question, and the specifics.

Everyone on nysa Will have 30day cd!


This has been resolved and all impacted users should no longer have a cooldown. Thank you for your patience!

Serious acid bug after looting elite chest


I’ve grabbed these videos and we’ll take a look, thank you!

Expedition(GoG) Bug. Cant damage to mob, mobs cant damage


Do you have any additional information on what might have happened before to trigger this? We have reports, but are unable to repro, so any additional information to nail this one down is incredibly helpful! Sorry to hear about this. :frowning:

Known Issues List is not working


Thank you, we’ll get that link updated. For now, here’s the most recent list below. As a note, these are updated as a new patch comes out, but doesn’t necessarily indicate what has been reported in the meantime. It is also not all inclusive. We are looking into a way to be able to better track known issues!

EU PTR characters cannot be deleted, can thus only have 2 characters on EU


Thanks for alerting us to this, we’re aware and looking into it!

Third swing of Greatsword light attacks doesn't deal damage/ghosts if first 2 hits didn't connect


Thank you for reporting. We’re looking into what’s going on with that third swing.

250 STR perk doesn't seem to function at all, not providing any additional stamina regeneration


I’ll get eyes double checking this! Apologies for the miss on this thread.

Runic Leather cooldown reset to 8 hours, didnt craft anything!


Can you check to see if you have all the required items to craft in your inventory?

White Knight stick to your own posts


The war auto-finished unexpectedly without ocurring while we were manually pushing through the merc restrictions, despite previous tests. While it provided us valuable data as is the goal of the PTR, it obviously is unfortunate that we weren’t able to quickly resolve this when everyone logged in to play. While a different issue than the last time we hosted a War in PTR, we respect this has now happened twice to players and it’s not a great moment. We’re going to take significant steps to avoid it in the future.

As for this thread, while I appreciate some of the feedback that’s come from it, it’s also encouraging dissent without the community in the original post, so I’m going to go ahead and close it. Please refrain from being rude to one another and keep your feedback civil!

[Event] PTR: WAR! - Thursday, January 26th


Hi everyone! Apologies that we weren’t able to get the war kicked off, there were some backend issues, but that’s part of the reason behind PTR - testing! For those that joined, you will still be rewarded your title at a later date. We will provide more information on timing when available!

Prime gaming loot box gives nothing


Uh oh, that’s not good. I’ve got eyes on this, thank you! In the meantime, you might want to open up a ticket with support.

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