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New World Dev Tracker

Add our Discord bot to your server to get notified when we find new dev posts!

Shop-Vorstellung: Wegelagerer

website-news Setzt eure Reise von Kameradschaft und Feuer mit dieser brandneuen Sammlung an kosmetischen Gegenständen fort.

[Notice] Server Merges: Central EU, US-East, and South America April 25th, 2023


Server Merges are now complete! If you’re having any issues please reach out to Customer Support. Thank you and see you in Aeternum!

Mise à jour de New World 1.9.2

website-news L'opération de maintenance pour effectuer la mise à jour de New World 1.9.2 commencera à 8 h CEST (6 h UTC), le 26 avril. Les lapins altérés ayant été vaincus, l'événement Floraison printanière peut désormais commencer dans tout Aeternum.

New World Update 1.9.2

website-news New World Update 1.9.2 downtime will begin at 11:00PM PT (6:00AM UTC) on April 25. With the Corrupted Rabbits vanquished, the Springtide Bloom event will now blossom throughout Aeternum.

New World Update 1.9.2

website-news Die Unterbrechung für New World Update 1.9.2 beginnt am 26. April um 8:00 Uhr MESZ (6:00 Uhr UTC). Da die Verderbten Kaninchen besiegt sind, wird nun das Frühlingsblüte-Event in ganz Aeternum erblühen.

Highwaymen Store Showcase

website-news Continue your Fellowship & Fire journey with this fresh collection of cosmetics.

[Dev Video] Forged in Aeternum - Community Q&A (April 2023)


In episode 24 of Forged in Aeternum, host Scot Lane (Game Director) is joined by Katy Kaszynski (Live Lead / Senior Producer) to answer your questions.

You’ll gain insight into the Sandworm Elite Trial, PvP Reward Track changes, performance optimizations and so much more.

In Aeternum geschmiedet – Frage-Antwort-Runde für die Community, April 2023

website-news Sieh dir die erste Episode im Freien von „In Aeternum geschmiedet“ mit Diskussionen zu Solo-Expeditionen, die Sandwurm-Elite-Prüfung, den Indigo-Flamme-Twitch Drops und der Simulationstheorie von New World an.

Forgé en Aeternum : questions/réponses de la communauté, avril 2023

website-news Découvrez le premier épisode en extérieur de Forgé en Aeternum, où nous parlerons des expéditions en solo, de l’épreuve Ver de sable élite, du drop Twitch de la flamme indigo et de la théorie de simulation de New World.

Forged in Aeternum - Community QA April 2023

website-news Check out the first outdoor episode of Forged in Aeternum featuring discussions on solo Expeditions, the Sandworm Elite Trial, the Indigo Flame Twitch Drop, and the New World simulation theory.

[Notice] Upcoming Server Merges and Fresh Start Transfers


Times and dates for upcoming server merges have been announced in this post:

[Notice] Server Merges: Central EU, US-East, and South America April 25th, 2023


Greetings Adventurers,

We will be merging worlds within Central EU, US-East, and South America.

Please note: There will be two separate times listed for these merges, one in preparation for these merges and one for the actual merge. Please read the below information to know when these downtimes are happening.

There is a 1 hour downtime on 2023-04-22T06:00:00Z for the worlds being merged to prepare for this event.

The actual merges will happen on 2023-04-25T16:00:00Z and are slated to last 4 hours.

Please scroll down to your regions’ section to find out more information on these merges.

Central EU

  • Artemis will be merging in to Nyx
  • Cleopatra will be merging in to Nyx
  • Crassus will be merging in to Nyx


  • Orofena will be merging in to Maramma
  • Amarah will be merging in to Lilith
  • Seer will be merging in to Lilith

South America

  • Gaea will be merging in to Artorius

As a reminder, once in game messaging is posted, players in these worlds will not be able to transfer servers, nor will players be able to transfer to a world that is set to be merged. They will see a banner at the bottom of their screen reminding them of this merge when they enter the game.

Please see the FAQ for more information.

Crafting Broken! Potential gear score broken!


There have been a few threads (including this one) where players have been sharing the crafts they made while the bug was live and the value of the mats used versus the value of the mats received as compensation. Can’t promise it’ll change anything but continuing to share those breakdowns on the forum is helpful and related threads have been forwarded to the team for review and consideration.

The entrance to the crystal cavern in EdenGrove is blocked by a transparent wall


I checked in with the team to make sure they’re aware, thanks for the report.

Crafting Broken! Potential gear score broken!


If anyone is missing compensation or confused about what they received, please have them contact support.

[Downtime] April 20th, 2023


Greetings Adventurers,

We will be holding downtime 2023-04-21T06:00:00Z in your local timezone. Downtime is slated to last approximately 1 hour (~60 minutes).

Please find the release notes here:

Economy/Progression - Trade Skills - Crafting

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to increase their minimum Crafting Gear Score more than intended.

Combat/AI - World AI

  • Fixed an issue in the quest ‘Unexpected Prisoner’ that caused Fulgoris to get stuck or not spawn.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

South America servers sudden high latency after 27/3. Please fix!


This issue is extremely frustrating I’m sure and it has been resurfaced internally multiple times. Sadly, I don’t have any insight into specifically how the team arrived at the conclusion that the lag problem is not related to New World outside of the information Delakron gave you on Discord.

The best thing to do for affected players is to continue reporting it through the proper channels ie New World Support and provide as much information about your connection as you can, as also mentioned in Delakron’s response on Discord.

[Notice] Season 1 Town Buff Compensation


Greetings Adventurers,

At the beginning of Season 1, there was a bug with Territory Buffs that caused players to get a lower crafting result than they should have. If you have been identified as a player who might have been affected by this issue in a crafting attempt above 590 GS we are providing in game items as compensation the next time you log in.

We apologize, and thank you for your understanding!

South America servers sudden high latency after 27/3. Please fix!


To clarify, the team was aware of the player reports. They are not aware of anything indicating the issue is being caused by New World. Anyone continuing to experience this issue should also continue to contact Support through the forums and/or the web portal.

[Notice] Season 1 Days Governed Rewards


Greetings, territory champions of Quarter 1!

As many of you know, there was an issue in our leaderboards reward processing when the Season 1 release went live. This issue resulted in some members of the Top 3 and Top 6 ranked companies on the Days Governed board to not receive their earned skins and titles. This issue did not affect 100% of players – some company members received their rewards, and some did not.

As of 2023-04-20T00:30:00Z, we have now issued these skins and titles to all members of the winning companies manually. If you received them correctly before, you will still have them, but if you didn’t receive them before, you should now own both the title and the skin. Additionally, we were able to identify the issue and solve it, so this will not occur in future seasonal reward cycles.

Thank you for your patience, and congratulations on topping the territory leaderboards in its inaugural seasonal cycle!


Dev Tracker