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New World Dev Tracker

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Empyreum-Schmiede-Expedition: Weltgeschichte und Design

website-news Taucht noch vor dessen Veröffentlichung am 28. März in die Weltgeschichte und das Design der Empyreum-Schmiede-Expedition ein.

Expédition « Forge empyréenne » : histoire et conception

website-news Découvrez en détail l’histoire et la conception de l’expédition « Forge empyréenne », disponible à partir du 28 mars.

Empyrean Forge Expedition: Lore and Design

website-news Delve into the upcoming Empyrean Forge Expedition's lore and design ahead of its March 28 release.

Questions for Forged in Aeternum Community Q&A, March 2023 edition


Thank you for the questions everyone! We’re now closing this thread per the original post.

[Dev Video] Forged in Aeternum - All About Seasons


In episode 19 of Forged in Aeternum, host David Verfaillie (Creative Director) is joined by Patrick Smedley (Lead Seasons Designer) and Phil Bolus (Product Owner) to talk all about seasons.

Get a brief overview of what seasons mean for New World. Learn what comes with it, why you should care, and how the Season Pass works.

Saisonpass: FAQ – Kostenlose und Premium-Belohnungsserien

website-news Erfahrt mehr über den Saisonpass der aktuellsten Episode von In Aeternum geschmiedet, entdeckt alle Belohnungen, und seht euch die Antworten auf die am häufigsten gestellten Fragen an.

Passe de saison : questions/réponses concernant les chaînes de récompenses gratuite et premium

website-news Le dernier épisode de Forgé en Aeternum vous en dit plus sur le passe de saison et ses récompenses, et répond à certaines des questions les plus courantes.

Season Pass: Free and Premium Reward Tracks FAQ

website-news Learn more about the Season Pass in the latest episode of Forged in Aeternum, discover every reward, and explore answers to your most common questions.

Questions for Forged in Aeternum Community Q&A, March 2023 edition


Hello Adventurers!

We’re back on behalf of @MichaeLovan , Head of Community Video to gather more Community Questions for our next Q&A!

Another month, another Q&A. You know the drill! This time, we are opening this up early to get your best questions in over the weekend. We will stop collecting questions on Monday, 2023-03-20T19:00:00Z across Reddit, the forums, YouTube, and Discord (have you joined yet? you should!)

Same standards as usual:

Request #1: Please be succinct. While context is very important for any discussion or debate, a wall of text doesn’t necessarily invite clear responses in a Q&A format.

Request #2: While criticism of any game is healthy, please do not make personal insults against the devs. In the interest of maintaining these monthly Q&A videos, I hope it goes without saying why it’s important to be humane.

Thanks everyone!

My overall thoughts on the upcoming changes to New World in Season 1


As mentioned, your feedback is going to be very helpful with this change! Please check it out on the PTR so we can take a look at data and hear from your experience.

[Downtime] PTR: Seasons March 16th, 2023


The PTR is back online! Find the latest patch notes here!

PTR: Seasons - February 24, 2023 Patch Notes


PTR: Seasons - March 16th, 2023


Fury of the Spriggan

The Earth has been restless since the Ennead awoke. Cooperate in open world encounters to defeat Dryads and a mighty Spriggan for daily event-specific rewards.

World Experience


Empyrean Forge

  • Fixed an issue that caused the lava pool visual effects in the Ifrit fight to flicker.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain enemy visual effects to not show up on low graphic settings.
  • Fixed an issue in the Ifrit boss fight that caused enemy visual effects to unintentionally cull on low graphic settings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the visual effects to misalign when Ifrit casted his lava pool ability.
  • Fixed an issue in the Ifrit fight where if the last person in a group died just as the Flamethrower attack started, Ifrit would sit idle for a long time.
  • The visual effect tells for Ifrit’s Lava Spawn attack now appear even when players are prone on the ground.

Notable Fixes

  • Adjusted the Silver Crows poster near the Spirit Shrine in Mourningdale on the quest “The Best of Aeternum,” so the backing stone pillar does not clip through the middle of the poster.

AI Updates

Commander Marius Fight:

  • Added a shockwave to Magma Ball impacts (covers the platform they land on)
  • Added Overheat application to Marius’ swipe attacks
  • Increased the number of Eruption spawns during Phase 3
  • Adjusted the health threshold to begin Phase 3 at 60% with the final escalation point at 40% for even more Magma Ball fun
  • Reduced Floor Is Lava damage per tick by 35%
  • Adjusted Marius’ target prioritization during Whirlwind Attacks

Ifrit Fight:

  • The Flamethrower attack now has a more noticeable tell in its animation.
  • Adjusted the melee attack hit volumes to primarily hit in front of Ifrit.
  • Increased the likelihood of Ifrit executing Quad Flamethrower soon after the phase transition
  • Rear facing clone is now animated during Quad Flamethrower
  • Adjusted alignment during ranged attack to more consistently face Ifrit’s target

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the AI to not attack objectives after taunt effects expired.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed light attacks to interrupt Lost Sailor’s attacks

Combat Changes

Fire Staff

  • Flare -
    • Added a trade-off to the Flare Upgrade: When upgrading the AoE, the projectile speed will now travel 25% slower.
    • Fixed an issue where the Flare upgrade allowed heavy attacks to backstab, and where Flare attacks could not be blocked.
  • Flamethrower -
    • Reduced how frequent Flamethrower can hit and then increased damage accordingly. This was to fix an issue where Flamethrower was making the DoTs tick twice as fast, greatly increasing damage.
      • Flamethrower was changed from 50% weapon damage every half second to 100% weapon damage every second.
    • Updated the Accelerating Flamethrower Perk to be more clear on the activation and reduced the amount of stacks of Smolder that need to be on the target to trigger the effect from 3 to 2.
  • Heat Up -
    • Fixed an issue where no damage was occurring when Fire Staff’s Heat Up DoT ability was applied to an enemy.


  • Defy Death -

    • Changed health gain from 50% of Max HP to 50% of Base HP (Health value before it is modified by CON or any other bonuses)
    • Fixed an issue where Heartgem abilities would ignore the Defy Death Hatchet Ability.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect attribute values on multiple season 1 Hatchets.


  • Azoth Shrapnel Blast -

    • Reduced stamina damage dealt by each pellet by 50%.
    • Increased how much the ASB damage is reduced per consecutive pellet hit from 15% to 20%.
  • Claw Shot -

    • Adjusted cancel windows on Claw Shot to reduce burst damage potential when used in combos.


  • Flourish -
    • Added the stagger back into Flourish, and reduced damage of Flourish from 90% to 60%.
  • Flurry -
    • Fixed an issue where the Bleed applied by rapier’s Flurry would trigger screen shake.


  • Accuracy -
    • Reduced Musket’s camera rotation Accuracy penalty by ~20%.


  • Fortifying Perforate -
    • Reduced Fortify per stack from being 9.6% on armor and 17% on weapons to 5.8% on armor and 10% on weapons (30% max).
  • Mortal Empowerment -
    • Added back the ability to have the duration refresh with each kill.
  • Elemental Attunements -
    • Reduced damage from 18% to 14%.

Game Mode Updates

Outpost Rush

  • Fixed an issue where being removed from a queue due to a group disbanding would incorrectly show an option to requeue as a group.

Economy, Progression, & Gear

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Season Pass Level 100 Free Reward Track to incorrectly offer Premium Rewards.
  • Fixed a typo on the Inferno Crafting Multi-Chest.

Trade Skills

  • Musical Instruments
    • Scaled XP required to level up the Musical Instrument Trade Skill to be more in-line with the new music XP curve.

Season Pass

  • Adjusted Flame Cores to no longer bind on pickup.
  • Added Trading Post category information for Flame Cores.
  • Modified the category of some Season Activities and added a new Season activity task to craft Flame Cores.
  • Passive Season XP tuning
    • Winning 1 round in PvP Arenas now grants 2 Seasonal XP (was 0 Seasonal XP).
    • Winning 2 rounds in PvP Arenas now grants 3 Seasonal XP (was 0 Seasonal XP).
    • War and Invasions are now both worth 50 Seasonal XP (was 25 Seasonal XP).
    • High value open world PvP kills are now worth 5 Seasonal XP (was 3 Seasonal XP).
    • Very high value open world PvP kills are now worth 10 Seasonal XP (was 5 Seasonal XP).
    • Level 60+ minor Corruption Breaches are now worth 3 Seasonal XP (was 0 Seasonal XP).
    • Aptitude levels are now worth 10 Seasonal XP (was 50 Seasonal XP).
    • Spriggan, Siren, and Swamp Beast Trials are now worth 10 Seasonal XP (was 0 Seasonal XP).
    • Added in a new passive Seasonal XP source from player XP. Every 10,000 player XP you earn from any activity will now grant you 25 Seasonal XP.
      • Dev Note: This is an experimental change for this PTR based on feedback we’ve received from you all. We’re really looking for data and your feedback on this one to gauge overall feel of this change. We want to ensure this feels rewarding at the right cadence and to reward you the right amount for doing all of the normal activities you’ll do while you play and to give a usage for player XP at max level. So go about your playtesting and let us know how often you are seeing this source pop up for you and what your thoughts are. We’ll be listening!


UI General

  • Speculative fix for an issue that caused achievements and titles to not appear in the UI.


  • Fixed an issue where Gear Sets would allow tools and bags to be dropped on them, and then spit out an error. Now they will properly highlight red to signify that you cannot drop those items there.

UI Notifications

  • A notification should appear in top right corner when a player is removed from War signups or fails a PvP mission because they were made PvP Inactive.


  • Fixed an issue that caused players to receive both Ennead Score and Brimstone Territory Control Leaderboard titles at the same time.
  • Added a non-dismissible pop up dialog with a countdown timer for when Leaderboard weekly rewards will be released during the weekly reset.


  • Spring Pinwheels in Settlements now play audio.
  • The inoffensive baby scorpion and cute sulfur lizard no longer trigger combat music.
  • Fixed an issue where Nora VO was not playing inside the Empyrean Forge. Also fixed a pathing issue with Skye and Zander VO.

New Backstories

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.

[Downtime] PTR: Seasons March 16th, 2023


Greetings Adventurers!

The PTR will be down starting 2023-03-16T17:00:00Z and will be unavailable for approximately 60 minutes.

Thank you and see you in the PTR!

:put_litter_in_its_place: House Trophy Limit (Day 375)


We hear you on the trophy pain & friction - I feel it every week. Unfortunately, there have been other priorities for our UX team, which have prevented us from tackling this already.

But we are looking into some non-UX solutions that should help this pain. They won’t make it for S1, but in the next season or two we should have solution which will help remove some friction, until we get a permanent solution.

Promo New World de printemps

website-news New World est actuellement à -50 % sur Steam et Amazon jusqu’au 23 mars à 18 h HNEC. Nous vendons aussi à prix réduits quelques objets de la boutique préférés des fans pendant une période limitée.

New World Spring Sale

website-news New World is now on sale for 50% off through Steam and Amazon until 10AM PST on March 23. We also brought back some discounted fan-favorite store items for a limited-time.

New World Frühlings-Sale

website-news New World gibt es nun auf Steam und Amazon mit einem Rabatt von 50 % bis 23. März um 18:00 Uhr MEZ (10:00 Uhr PST). Außerdem haben wir für eine begrenzte Zeit einige beliebte Fanartikel des Shops zu reduzierten Preisen zurückgeholt.

Nerf bb or every melee will leave


Hey all, love the passionate conversation on BB. A lot of varied opinions here, so I want to give a little more detail and context on our thinking.

We don’t think the BB is very over tuned, or in need of major changes. We are mostly concerned with its burst damage in extreme scenarios. The weapon is designed to be bursty, and we have no desire that change that. But with the damage mitigation changes we want to ensure its 1-shot potential isn’t too strong. The changes we are planning for S1 release, are really targeting that and some “extreme” combos.

PTR: Upgrading 590+ Epics to Legendary?


Great news here @Deeward , yes we are planning some pretty big improvements to the PvP reward track. These changes in combination with cross world OPR and some other PvP suprises we have planned for S2 should make it a great PvP release.

Remove Limits of 25 MUTATION Week


We currently don’t have plans to allow players to run unlimited Mutations without rewards as suggested, but appreciate the feedback and the interest in playing more!


Dev Tracker