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💀Ghost Legion💀

Region: NAWEST | Server: Camelot (NA West) | Fraktion: Syndicate | Sprache: English | Fokus: PvX | GrĂ¶ĂŸe: 51+ | Rekrutierend: No

Hello Settelers!

We are Ghost Legion, an inclusive PvX community of gamers that came together during closed Beta. We are an organized, competitive and knowledgeable group of gamers with previous MMO and siege war experience. We plan on becoming endgame and war focused Settlement owners who help uplift our fellow faction members.

We owned Mourningdale in the closed beta, and we owned Everfall in open beta (and successfully defended it in war).

We plan to take Everfall or Winsdward on day 1 of the retail launch.

We will be running fun guild events like giveaways and raffles for gold donations for the first hours of launch.

We are also at the point where we will have 100 people in company day 1, we will have a second company for the more casual players.
We are prioritizing people who can be on right at 8am launch on 9/28.

Ghost Legion
Region: NA-West
Server: Pleroma in closed beta, Mag Mell in open beta, CAMELOT at launch
Faction: Syndicate

Server Rules:
Be respectful!
Hate speech / racism / sexism / discrimination / politics / spamming  / spoilers or downright disrespect will not be tolerated.

NSFW content is off-limits.
New World Admins have final say on matters.

Keep all topics in their respective channels.

Here's a link to our company Discord!

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