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Last Updated: June 04, 2022 Reading Time: 7 min

How To Manage Your Mana in New World

This Guide has been  ARCHIVED and is no longer being Updated - Check out our Builds category and how to manage mana which each  individual build.  

In this guide you will find the following:
Consumables for Mana
Weapon Mastery for Mana
Perks for Mana
Out of Combat Mana


Constantly running out of mana in New World?  Mana Management is crucial to making sure you are effective as a mage when in combat.  In this guide, We will cover what to do and what not to do to manage your mana for the Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet, and Life Staff in New World.  

Consumables for Mana

Tried and True, we will start with New World consumables.  Using potions effectively is your first line of defense against a mana emergency, no matter what weapon you are wielding


Infused mana potions

Mana potions are the most important tool for mana management.  Since Infused mana potions restore all of your mana, you only want to use your potion cooldown when you can no longer cast an available ability.  This is usually around 25 mana mark.   This should prevent you from being in situations that would leave you without crucial offensive or defensive cooldowns.  If you can get away with casting your next ability before you take the potion, going lower is also an option, but not recommended, especially in PVP.  

Infused Regeneration potions

Regen potions greatly increase both your health and mana regen.  These should be thought of as secondary consumables and should never be used in place of a mana potion, However, regeneration potions do become valuable when your mana potion is on cooldown.  I would recommend using these at around the 50 mana mark (when your mana potion is on cooldown) since they just increase the rate at which your mana regenerates and can’t give you the quick refill of mana that a mana potion can. 


Though there are some current bugs that allow some players to stack health regen perks, it still only allows players to have one active “combat buff”.  In this case, you almost always want your stat food active.  For that reason, there is no recommended food buff to help manage your mana.  

Weapon Mastery for Mana

There are some very powerful tools built into each of the mana-based weapon’s mastery trees.  In this section, we’ll look at the ones you want to invest in and the ones to stay away from.

Fire Staff

Heavy Attack Weaving - Spell Focus + Flare passives

The combination of Spell Focus and Flare allows fire staff users to gain 5% of their mana pool back with each heavy attack.  Weaving heavy attacks in between your cooldowns can help maintain your mana pool and allow you to use your fire staff abilities on cooldown.  

This can also help you take advantage of the Clear Mind passive.  


Reheat is the key passive in the pyromancer tree that allows the user After 6.0s without activating a Fire Staff ability, your mana regen is increased by 400.0%. 

Taking Reheat is not recommended due to the 6 seconds delay in activation of the passive.  6 seconds is plenty enough time to die from lack of mobility(burnout) or being able to cast your abilities on your back bar.  Not only that, but by choosing Reheat you lose out on the massive burst of damage Rune of Helios can provide.  In its current state, Reheat is not a recommended choice of passives.

Ice Gauntlet


Entomb encases the Ice Gauntlet user in Ice, making you invulnerable and rapidly fills your mana pool back to full.  It can safely be used when you don’t have your mana potion cooldown available when you have a near-empty mana pool.  defensively in both PVE and PVP.   

Critical Rejuvenation

Critical Rejuvenation restores 15 mana each time you perform a critical strike on an enemy.  This paired with Critical Frost helps you keep your mana bar full passively in combat.  

Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm requires you to Hit with three consecutive light attacks to return 15 mana.  Most of the time you should be focusing on managing the cooldowns of both of your active weapons, leaving little time to concentrate on performing 3 light attacks in a row (let alone landing them).  This may be your only option to actively regen your mana though, if you're not running the fire staff.  The return for the feat is also minimal.  Since it costs 2 mana to light attack (6 total) you will tech only get 9 mana in the exchange.  There are other better options, but if you still struggle with mana management and dont have the fire staff to heavy attack with, you can try Gathering Storm.   

Empowered Frost

This requires you to be in a frosted area to cast spells for mana return.  In the effort to stay mobile and to kite your targets, Empowered Frost will be an unreliable perk for mana regen. 

Life Staff

Absolved with Mending and Blissful Touch

This combination of passives allows the life staff user to not only perform light and heavy attacks without consuming mana, but it turns these attacks into heals that cleanse debuffs from their targets.  

Holy Ground

Holy ground is an upgrade to Sacred ground, one of the Life Staffs most powerful abilitiesThis upgrade grants 100% increase to mana and stamina regen for players inside of the Sacred Ground AOE.  Though you might not always have the opportunity to stand in your own sacred ground, doing so can top off your health and help you quickly regenerate the mana you spent casting it.  

Spirits United

Spirits United grants you and your entire group 3% increased mana regen.  3% is a pretty underwhelming increase to mana regen and In most builds, you will be looking to spend your Mastery points elsewhere.  

Void Gauntlet

Harvest Essence
Harvest Essence is a "tap" mechanic that allows you to hold right-click to convert your health into mana.   Two passives improve the performance of Harvest Essence.  Efficient Harvest reduces the Health drain of Harvest Essence.   Refreshing Harvest causes Harvest Essence to reduce all of your cooldowns by 10% per second while tapping.  Despite the passive support, Harvest Essence is only useable in niche situations and is not recommended in PVP due to the slow movement and reduction of health that occurs. 

 Annihilation Tree and Void Blade Builds

This skill tree rewards the Void Gauntlet user when they are low on mana and have all of their abilities on cooldown.  Forsaken Pact grants 10% extra damage while below 50% mana and Keen Humility grants 10% increased crit chance when all abilities are on cooldown.  Using the Three ability combo of Petrifying Scream, Oblivion, and Void Blade should put the void gauntlet user at 25 Mana, granting the benefit of these two passives.   Once complete, you can usually use a mana potion (if you don't already have 75 mana) to use the combo again due to the strong cooldown reduction support in the Annihilation Tree. 

Fervent Thirst

Fervent Thirst grants +5.0% Mana per successful ranged light attack against targets afflicted by your Void Gauntlet debuffs.  This passive synergizes with most of the void gauntlets abilities as all of them apply some sort of debuff (except Essence Rupture).  If you are building around Void Blade, you will not choose this ability, which eliminates Fervent Thirse from most builds.    

Perks for Mana

In this section, we will go over all “non-weapon specific” perks and that will help you with mana management.  

Intellect Perks - 200 Intellect - 10% mana return after dodge

Dodging is a key mechanic in New World and one you will need to master as a mage.  Fire staff and Ice Gauntlet users will most likely naturally unlock this perk.

Focus perks 

The Focus attribute perks offer a ton of help in the mana management department but the key two come from the first two benchmarks.  50 Focus will give the Life Staff user a 10% increase to their mana regeneration rate.  Moving up to the 100 Focus mark will increase your max mana by 20.  Having a larger pool adds to the value of your mana potions as well.  

Though most healers will want to push to 300+ Focus, the 250 & 300 Focus perks suffer from being too situational.  250 Focus gives you 30 mana with each group or solo kill.  This will def help keep your mana bar full but is not something you can control when it happens most of the time.  The 300 focus perk is probably the worst out of all of them. You NEVER want to go to zero mana as a healer and have too many tools at your disposal to prevent it not to mention doubling your mana regen rate is not going to bail you out fast enough anyways.   

Gear Perks 

Generally, you will want to search out more powerful effects on your armor and weapons than the ones mentioned in this category.

Refreshing Toast - reduces the time of Potion Cooldowns

Refreshing Toast is one of if not the best earring perks in New World.  Reducing the time of your mana and regen potions ensures that you always have a large available mana pool to cast your abilities off cooldown.   

Mana Recovery - When you are hit while below 50% gain 50.0 mana ( 1 min cooldown) - does not trigger after off persistent damage or DoT.  

The Mana Recovery perk suffers from being too situational.  You have to be below 50% health and be missing 50 mana at the same time to get the full benefit of this perk.  This, added to a 1-minute cooldown, makes Mana Recovery a perk to avoid.  

Efficient Burnout - Mana Regen Rate increased by 10% for 8 seconds after using Burnout.  10% is far too small of an increase to make a difference with your mana sustain.  

Unbroken Winds - Gain 10% Mana After a full Wind Chill Burst.  You should rarely be using the Wind Chill ability and even if you are, you can find a better perk.

Out of Combat Mana

The Heart of Madness patch 1.4, a new in and out of combat system became part of the game and slightly changed how your mana regeneration works. When you are in combat, you will see a set of red swords next to your health. Additionally, while out of combat the swords will not appear and you will have 100% mana regeneration as this time. So if you are ever wondering why your mana is acting differently in/out of combat, this is why!
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