Yetis Abound

Defeat the Level 25 feral yetis spreading icy magic across the island. Defeat Rames in Everfall, Hari in Monarch's Bluffs, and Sunit in First Light.
Level: 25
Turn in NPC: The Winter Wanderer
Territory: Everfall

Pre Requisites

Follow-up to: Joy Recaptured


XP: 1230
Gold: 68.75
Territory Standing: 175
Azoth: 50




Good! To protect all life on Aeternum from Forever Winter, the yetis must be defeated.

Travelers have given me the locations of three of the monsters.

In Progress

The yetis in these ice caves will be formidable. Take great caution when confronting them.

These monsters are servants of the will of the Forever Winter.
Well done, celebrant and friend! By weakening the yetis, we have hampered their ability to cover more of Aeternum in ice.

The power of the Winter Wanderer Mirgos grows as warmth spreads throughout the land.


Zelgraz, 11 months ago

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