The Giant Ones

Catch eight fish greater than 20 inches in length for Master Fisher Perchal and deliver it to Master Fisher Park in Brightwood.
Level: 30
Territory: Windsward


XP: 2850
Gold: 105.0
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 20


  • Catch eight fish with a length greater than 20 inches



The bait, of course! What's your biggest catch so far?

Catch eight fish longer than 20 inches, and bring them to Master Fisher Park up in Brightwood. She's a fisherwoman and an alchemist, and she's been experimenting with new bait types.

In Progress

Remember, Clams and Oysters in fresh water and Snails and Electric Eels in salt water increase the likelihood of reeling in a bigger fish.

Anything longer than 20 inches. will do for Master Fisher Park and her research.
Multiply by three, carry the one... Woah!

What's that you've got? What a specimen! I've been studying fish lengths in relation to their weights and this one fits right in with my findings.

Stream Team