Shadows Cast By A Final Salute

Defeat Captain Patricia to recover her Heartgem. Then retrieve her cloak of office from Slumbering Echoes. Talk to Watcher Sexton in the Eastburn Outpost when the task is complete.
Level: 41
Quest Giver: James Sexton
Turn in NPC: James Sexton
Territory: Great Cleave

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 39


XP: 2910
Gold: 88.75
Azoth: 10


  • Travel to Slumbering Echoes to recover Patricia's Cloak
  • Recover Captain Patricia's Cloak



I was hoping to see Captain Patricia, but I knew it would be too good to be true.

She was in charge of the rearguard at Cleaves Malice before the fort was overtaken.

In Progress

Patricia has become twisted with Corruption.

She no longer deserves to have the cloak she received upon becoming a captain. And we can't allow her to keep her Heartgem.
Patricia's Heartgem…See Corruption swirling inside it?

It finally feels real. She's really gone.

She was once a fine Soulwarden, and someone very dear to me.


GMWolfYoutube, 6 months ago
Zelgraz, over 1 year ago
Kid2367, over 1 year ago
The marker for the cloak objective is on the wrong location. Look for the only house that is complete ( the other ones are missing the roof or walls ), you'll get the cloak from the chests.

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