Friends in Fashion

Find pieces of tattered silk from skeletons in the Divine Rise and return them to Survivalist Lee in the Everfall Settlement.
Level: 17
Quest Giver: Bercina Thornton
Territory: Monarch's Bluffs


XP: 1500
Gold: 82.25
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 20


  • Find pieces of tattered silk from skeletons at Antares and Achernar



Hate to say it, but Gomes is right. We need to be finding allies.

I got an idea - it's a little out there, but it might at least earn us a friend.

In Progress

It's worth a shot with Survivalist Lee. I'm telling you, he really goes wild for the Ancients' silk and textiles. I've heard of weirder things.


Zelgraz, over 1 year ago

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