Fading Lights

Investigate the Ancient Guardians and their movements in the Primal Lochan. Then report back to Ranger Wardell in Edengrove.
Level: 54
Quest Giver: Derick Wardell
Turn in NPC: Derick Wardell
Territory: Edengrove


XP: 3630
Gold: 105.0
Azoth: 10


  • Repel the Ancient Guardian threat at Pavo
  • Defeat Ancient Guardians
    • Quantity: 10



Well, in most territories, they are charged with simply securing certain ruins.

Here, however, it seems they are charged with securing all of Edengrove.

In Progress

It seems there was a time when the Ancients considered this territory to be exclusively theirs.

The Guardians still seem dead-set on enforcing this mandate.
Ah, there you are. I hope you dealt them a blow from which they won't soon recover.

The last thing we need right now is to fall under attack from the Ancient Guardians.


Zelgraz, over 1 year ago

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