Corruption-Tinged Fish

Catch a Corruption-Tinged Fish in Shattered Mountain and bring it to Master Fisher Chang in Ebonscale.
Level: 60
Territory: Windsward


XP: 5630
Gold: 157.5
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 30


  • Catch a Corruption-Tinged Fish



Yes. Help me prove something to my fellow Master Fishers.

Like the land here, the waters are tainted by Corruption. I believe the fish are affected, as well.

In Progress

If Corruption seeps down the mountain and into the southern settlements, then all the fish in Aeternum will be affected.
What is that you bring with you, traveler? It reeks of Corruption... Mercy me, is that supposed to be a fish?

Master Fisher Bernard was right to send you my way.

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