"They drag these about, turning the soil over on itself. Do not be fooled: their tools are deadly in their hands."
Type: Weapon
Class: Weapon+Equippabletwohand+2haxe+Melee+Named

Gear Score: 590
Base Damage: 337
Crit Chance: 3.0%


Cavalier Main-Hand Weapon Attributes
9 Strength
20 Dexterity
Brash IV
+30.0% damage against targets with full Health.
Corrupted Bane
+13.9% Damage to Corrupted.
Refreshing Ward
Reduces active cooldowns by -1.8% after being hit 4 times. Does not trigger off persistent damage, DoT effects or blocked attacks.
Mortal Lifesteal
When you kill something gain 6.7% health. (0.0s cooldown.)

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