Greataxe of the Maw

"Peer into the darkness and see what will become of you."
Type: Weapon
Class: Weapon+Equippabletwohand+2haxe+Melee+Named

Gear Score: 590
Base Damage: 337
Crit Chance: 3.0%


Cavalier Main-Hand Weapon Attributes
9 Strength
20 Dexterity
Opportunist IV
+20.0% damage against targets with less than 30.0% Health.
Refreshing Move
Light and Heavy attacks reduce your active weapon cooldowns by -2.8%.
Angry Earth Bane
+13.9% Damage to Angry Earth.
Crippling Reap
If target hit with Reap is below 50% health, they are Slowed, reducing movement speed by -29.2% for 4.0 seconds.

Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

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