Crate of Smelting Materials

Open this to receive a variety of materials related to this Trade Skill.
Type: Resource
Class: LootContainer

Bind on Pickup: Yes

Drops depend on level and location. Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Infused Leather
Runic Leather
Orichalcum Ingot
Gold Ingot
Ironwood Planks
Glittering Ebony
Infused Silk
Vial of Suspended Azoth
Obsidian Flux
Obsidian Sandpaper
Aged Tannin
Pure Solvent
Poultry Thigh
Rich Bear Flank
Sumptuous Rabbit
Prime Red Meat
Pork Belly
Fish Roe
Squid Ink
String Bean
Catfish Whiskers
Snail Slime
Earth Wisp
Earth Essence
Fire Wisp
Fire Essence
Air Wisp
Air Essence
Water Wisp
Water Essence
Soul Wisp
Soul Essence
Life Wisp
Life Essence
Death Wisp
Earth Quintessence
Fire Quintessence
Air Quintessence
Water Quintessence
Soul Quintessence
Life Quintessence
Death Quintessence
Brilliant Amber
Pristine Amber
Brilliant Amethyst
Pristine Amethyst
Brilliant Aquamarine
Pristine Aquamarine
Brilliant Carnelian
Pristine Carnelian
Brilliant Diamond
Pristine Diamond
Brilliant Emerald
Pristine Emerald
Brilliant Jasper
Pristine Jasper
Brilliant Malachite
Pristine Malachite
Brilliant Moonstone
Pristine Moonstone
Brilliant Onyx
Pristine Onyx
Brilliant Opal
Pristine Opal
Brilliant Pearl
Pristine Pearl
Brilliant Ruby
Pristine Ruby
Brilliant Sapphire
Pristine Sapphire
Brilliant Topaz
Pristine Topaz
Cut Pristine Topaz
Sliver of Adamant
Shard of Adamant
Chunk of Adamant
Sliver of Adderstone
Shard of Adderstone
Chunk of Adderstone
Drop of Ancient Essence
Vial of Ancient Essence
Draught of Ancient Essence
Shimmering Animus
Shining Animus
Brilliant Animus
Steel Arcanist's Charm
Orichalcum Arcanist's Charm
Steel Armorer's Charm
Starmetal Armorer's Charm
Orichalcum Armorer's Charm
Armor Shards
Drop of Azalea Nectar
Vial of Azalea Nectar
Draught of Azalea Nectar
Drop of Azoth Oil
Vial of Azoth Oil
Draught of Azoth Oil
Sliver of Baetylus
Shard of Baetylus
Chunk of Baetylus
Sliver of Batrachite
Shard of Batrachite
Chunk of Batrachite
Large Bear Paw
Massive Bear Paw
Ancient Bear Paw
Steel Botanist's Charm
Starmetal Botanist's Charm
Orichalcum Botanists Charm
Steel Chef's Charm
Orichalcum Chef's Charm
Animal Claw
Jagged Animal Claw
Pristine Animal Claw
Sliver of Cobalt
Shard of Cobalt
Chunk of Cobalt
Sliver of Consecrated Iron
Shard of Consecrated Iron
Chunk of Consecrated Iron
Thread of Corrupted Cloth
Patch of Corrupted Cloth
Bolt of Corrupted Cloth
Drop of Corrupted Essence
Vial of Corrupted Essence
Draught of Corrupted Essence
Drop of Corrupted Ichor
Vial of Corrupted Ichor
Draught of Corrupted Ichor
Vacant Corrupted Insignia
Faint Corrupted Insignia
Brilliant Corrupted Insignia
Shard of Corrupted Matter
Chunk of Corrupted Matter
Corrupted Sigil
Fine Corrupted Sigil
Perfect Corrupted Sigil
Sliver of Crystal
Shard of Crystal
Chunk of Crystal
Sliver of Crystalized Azoth
Shard of Crystalized Azoth
Chunk of Crystalized Azoth
Sliver of Crystalized Ectoplasm
Shard of Crystalized Ectoplasm
Chunk of Crystalized Ectoplasm
Drop of Ectoplasm
Vial of Ectoplasm
Draught of Ectoplasm
Small Elk Hoof
Large Elk Hoof
Huge Elk Hoof
Steel Engineers Charm
Starmetal Engineer's Charm
Orichalcum Engineer's Charm
Animal Fang
Jagged Animal Fang
Pristine Animal Fang
Chilled Fang
Frigid Fang
Frozen Fang
Vial of Blessed Water
Jagged Horn
Pristine Horn
Shard of Ironwood Resin
Draught of Ironwood Sap
Steel Jewelcrafter's Charm
Orichalcum Jewelcrafters Charm
Steel Lumberjack's Charm
Starmetal Lumberjack's Charm
Orichalcum Lumberjacks Charm
Tattered Mangy Hide
Worn Mangy Hide
Callus Mangy Hide
Steel Miner's Charm
Starmetal Miner's Charm
Orichalcum Miners Charm
Sliver of Niter
Shard of Niter
Chunk of Niter
Drop of Quicksilver
Vial of Quicksilver
Draught of Quicksilver
Resin Shavings
Resin Lump
Resin Chunk
Riveted Steel Mail
Riveted Starmetal Mail
Riveted Orichalcum Mail
Drop of Sap
Vial of Sap
Draught of Sap
Steel Skinners Charm
Starmetal Skinners Charm
Orichalcum Skinners Charm
Sliver of Sparkmetal
Shard of Sparkmetal
Chunk of Sparkmetal
Low Quality Tallow
High Quality Tallow
Sliver of Thunderstone
Shard of Thunderstone
Chunk of Thunderstone
Starmetal Traveler's Charm
Large Traveler's Stone
Verbena Stem
Verbena Leaf
Verbena Flower
Drop of Viscous Azoth
Vial of Viscous Azoth
Draught of Viscous Azoth
Steel Weaponsmith's Charm
Starmetal Weaponsmith's Charm
Orichalcum Weaponsmith's Charm
Worn Whetstone
Pristine Whetstone
Drop of Withered Essence
Vial of Withered Essence
Draught of Withered Essence
Vial of Wolf Essence
Draught of Wolf Essence
Huge Wolf Paw
Tangle of Writhing Briar
Clump of Writhing Briar
Squirming Vines
Writhing Vines
Vial of Wyrdwood Sap
Draught of Wyrdwood Sap
Ash Resin
Evergreen Resin
Glacier Resin
Fulgurite Resin
Reaper Resin
Crystalline Resin
Oyster Bait
Firefly Bait
Electric Eel Bait
Glowworm Bait
Red Pigment
Orange Pigment
Yellow Pigment
Green Pigment
Blue Pigment
Purple Pigment
White Pigment
Brown Pigment
Black Pigment
Turquoise Pigment
Cyan Pigment
Magenta Pigment

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