Chardis' Chestwrap

Heavily enchanted to ensure the wearer's protection. ...Very heavily enchanted.
Type: Armor
Class: Equippablechest+Armor+Heavy+Named

Gear Score: 590
Physical Armor Rating: 505 - 629
Elemental Armor Rating: 505 - 629


Soldier Armor Attributes
24 Strength
Ancient Ward
+3.8% Damage Absorption against Ancient Guardians.
Empty Gem Socket
An empty socket for a gem.
Weaken, Disease, Exhaust, and Rend expires -10.1% faster.
Refreshing Ward
Reduces active cooldowns by -1.8% after being hit 4 times. Does not trigger off persistent damage, DoT effects or blocked attacks.

Bind on Pickup: Yes

Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Chardis (66)

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