Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare

A chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage by {[HouseItems.House_HousingItem_Storage_T4_ChestRabbit.StorageBonus / 10]} weight when placed in your home. How did a rabbit carry this?
Tier: 4
Category: Misc

Rank Points: 0.16
Max Allowed For Rank Points : 1
Negative Limit For Rank Points: 2

Storage Bonus: 1050.0
Weight: 10


Ilaell, 7 months ago
I killed 500ish rabbits, no drop, but then i brought a house, after 200ish more Rabbits i got the chest.
My friend experienced the same thing, no drop without a house, 200ish rabbit kills with a home and the chest drop was there.

So if you want the chest you need a house
heartlessgamer, 8 months ago
Has anyone figured out the chance to drop?  And if required to use the rabbit foot +luck you get from the rabbits?  Killing hundreds of these buggers and haven't seen it.

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