🦍 Gorilla Gaming - Hardcore PvP 🦍

Region: NAEAST | Server: ? | Faction: Covenant | Language: English | Focus: PvP | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

Gorilla Gaming is a sweaty adult only clan preparing its venture into New World. We are most excited about capturing territories and fighting overwhelming zergs. Such a strong PvP focus requires finding the fastest way to reach max level and acquire the best gear, so PvE is not something we'll gloss over either.

We are elite PvPers with a very strong history in similar open world games like Warhammer Online where our guild held the top PvP rank across every server. Our core leadership has played over 3,000 hours of Rust each in the last 8 months working on improving our communication and synergy.

We are not a clan of 6 casual friends or a zerg of unfamiliar faces. We're a tight knit community, everyone has thousands of hours playing together. When things go wrong we discuss what needs to be improved. We put all our members through a vigorous test of skill and attrition. New World will have some exceptions for recruiting initially but in beta we will see where you fall within our test making sure you're a good fit for us.

We LOVE fighting larger groups and cohesively working together. We look forward to rolling PvP zones and quests completely over. We know we're going to dominate the wars and claim many territories. If you're a skilled PvPer that wants a Company tag with weight behind it, you've come to the right place.
Outside of gaming we're a very friendly and social clan. Most of us sit in discord talking all day while playing games or working our 9-5's. In Gorilla Gaming you'll find great gamers and friends for life.

Come introduce yourself in our discord: https://discord.gg/bJXGuK3GFr

Stream Team