Region: EU | Server: ? | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

[EU] Eldritch | English | PvX | 18+

Server: EU - Undecided
Gameplay focus: PvP & PvE
Commitment expectations: Semi-Hardcore


Eldritch was created by a group of friends with experience playing at the highest level in multiple games. From Mythic WoW raiding to high ranking League of Legends play, we strive to be the best. Recently, a lot of us moved from World of Warcraft on to bigger and better things, and have found a home in the community we have built in the New World Beta. We value community above all else and we hope to invite new committed players to our ranks.

Eldritch are recruiting people who want to push on launch day in order to forge a path to the front of the pack.
We are looking for players who are friendly and speak English. Ideally we'd like a few more members who can heal and off tank, but thats not a requirement to apply. Above all else we want to have fun while playing as well as we can.

Leadership roles available.

Our Goals:
  • Large, friendly community, striving to be the best from launch
  • Our own settlement(s) that we can call home.
  • A good name on the server we play on. 
  • A welcoming environment for people to learn, relax and play

What we expect from you:
  • Join our company discord
  • Donate frequently to the company in order to improve
  • Follow our company rules
  • Follow all ToS of Discord and New World
  • Be fluent in English and have access to a microphone
  • Adults only 18+

Join us today

Jump into our discord and say hello. Come and try us and see if we'd be a good fit for you.


Stream Team